Exercise Or Diet?

Is it enough to just change your diet to lose weight?

– No, it requires that you move around too. It is the most important.

It is the balance in your whole lifestyle that makes you feel better.

Recently findings from a study showed that if you pulled down on carbs and instead ate more fat and protein then you would easier lose weight. This was without taking any form of training, or exercise into consideration.

– New studies are in itself mostly interesting, but they are always focused on weight loss in relation to food. Most of us know what and how we should do, but find it hard to get to get started. It’s just to start and if you want to start with something, then it should be to start moving on a regular basis.

Follow automatically

Sometimes when one begins to just move around a little other things such as diet, smoking, sleep, stress and other factors affecting training and body, positive or negative, happen automatically.

– The biggest pitfall that many fall into is that they want to make all changes at once. Instead, start on a smaller scale. Don’t forget that the new lifestyle is something that should last a lifetime. If you’ve been completely inactive, it can take between six to eight weeks before your body gets used to exercising again, for example.


When it comes to eating habits, usually it is easier for people to ‘add’ something instead of taking something away. When you add something it feels more positive.

– What if everyone would just add one good thing, like a really nice breakfast. What a difference it would make in the long run. It’s all about learning a new approach to food, not just counting calories, carbohydrates, fats and proteins for a short period.

Think long term

If you have never really got your body moving and feel that it is time for a change in your life, think long term. Forget the turbo diet for a few weeks. Instead, start today by adding a good thing in your life. Such as a 30 minute walk every day.

Start small and expand gradually.