Exercises For Abs

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Men and women alike are longing for the perfect abs for ages. It is not only to stay healthy and fit but also to look attractive. Nothing appeals to women in a man than an attractive abs. Getting that perfect attractive abs however is no joke and it requires hard work and dedication. Healthy diet and routine exercises for abs is the key to success.

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In order to work on exercise for abs, you need to work on moving multiple of your muscles in a set functional way. Reason for involving more muscles in working your abs is to burn more calories and trim your stomach fat. Below are various exercises for abs which will show many different moves and rhythms.

Modified Plank: You can start by putting your elbows on the floor and put your body weight on your knees. Make a straight line starting form your head to all the way to your knees and hold your abs tight. Stay in a position like this for as long as possible. It is ideal that you rest a while and start over for few more settings like this.

Ball Crunch: Crunches are the most common Exercises For Abs. For this crunch, you will require a ball on which you will lie down with your lower back and hip with your hands crossing your chest and going behind your head. Work your abs by pulling it towards your hip.

Knee Tucks: Use a ball to get into a plank position keeping the ball under your ankle. Tighten up your abs and try to roll the ball towards you suing your feet.

Hip Extension on a Ball: lie down on a floor with your heels placed on a ball. Try to lift your hips keeping your abs tight till you get your body in a straight line position. Stay on this position for some time and then you can lower your hip.

Ball Taps: Use a ball to sit on it keeping your back straight with hands behind your head. Pull one of your knees toward you pressing the small ball in front of you with your foot. Repeat the same with your other leg.

Exercises For Abs: Best practices

  • You should exercise for your abs about three times a week. These three days don’t have to be in any consequence.
  • Repeat 2-3 types of workouts for about 14-16 times.
  • Increase the volume as needed.

Commercial abs trimmers

You turn the TV on late night and one thing you don’t get surprised to see is the infomercial. What is not being sold on TV these days! Out of all the products being sold however, fitness equipments are one of the most selling items. So many types of perfect abs machines are out there and looking at the infomercials, if almost feels like this is the machine you have been looking for. Where in reality, most of the so called magic solutions fail to perform the way they are advertised. Do your due diligence ordering one of those Exercises For Abs.


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