Exfoliating Body Scrubs- Exfoliating Wash

Exfoliating body scrubs and exfoliating wash are used to remove dead skin cells so that the new ones underneath are uncovered. Dead skin cells can make skin feel dry and rough as well as give it a dull lifeless appearance. Basic washing usually doesn’t remove them and this is why skin exfoliation is so important.

When we use exfoliating body scrubs it totally changes the look and feel of the skin in a matter of minutes or sometimes seconds and this is the main reason why exfoliating the skin has become so popular. Skin also becomes more absorbent when we exfoliate, making other skin care products such as lotions, creams and makeup more effective. There aren’t many skin care products, if any, that get results this fast or nearly as easy.

Whether it’s body or facial exfoliating the results are the same as long as you use the correct one for your skin type. For example, facial skin is typically more sensitive than skin on the body, so it might be wise to use exfoliating wash instead of a body scrub.

However, there are some body scrubs that are gentle enough for the face, especially sugar based body scrubs. Salt based body scrubs are rougher than sugar based scrubs and are more for areas like feet with calluses and other patches of rough skin on the body that need to be removed.

The difference between exfoliating body wash and exfoliating body scrub is that some body scrubs are to be used only to exfoliate and are not designed for washing. These types of body scrubs contain more oil making them thicker. To be on the safe side always read ingredients and instructions to be sure of what you are getting.

It pays to know exactly what the exfoliating product does and how to use it or skin can become irritated making it worse than it is. There are also other methods of exfoliation besides exfoliating body scrubs and washes such as exfoliating washcloths, mitts and sponges.

One method of exfoliation isn’t any better than the other it’s just that each person’s skin is different and will respond differently.

Of course, there is also the matter of preference as well as what you can afford when it comes to cost. As you can see it might take some trial and error to find the best choice.

Exfoliating body scrubs and exfoliating wash are but two of these choices and you can find some of the best ones by reading reviews on Amazon.