Exfoliating Face with Washcloth

Facial exfoliation can be done in a number of ways, with or without expensive facial tools and products. One of the least expensive, but still effective, is by the use of an exfoliating washcloth. You can also use a plain old everyday wash cloth, however, you need to be sure that it will be abrasive enough or not too abrasive for your skin type. This may take some trial and error, but once you get it you got it and can proceed to exfoliate as often as needed.

If you’re wondering how often is often enough your skin will let you know. When your face becomes irritated or gets dry rough patches then you’re exfoliating too much or scrubbing too hard and it might be time to cut back on exfoliating or change products.

On the other hand, when facial skin remains excessively oily and skin tone is still uneven as well as rough to the touch then you may need to exfoliate more often. There is no way to know how often to exfoliate until you actually put it into practice. Not everyone will be the same due to skin type and other lifestyle factors such as how often you wear makeup, work environment, sun bathing, eating habits etc. An exfoliating washcloth should be abrasive enough to get the job done all by itself, if not, then you might want to consider using an exfoliating wash or scrub with it or alternate with an exfoliating brush for additional cleansing.

You will know when you have the perfect exfoliating combination because the face will look and feel softer and healthier in a matter of minutes. Skin texture changes and becomes more absorbent, so that when you use skin care products and makeup, especially foundation, they will apply much easier. No more going over and over the skin to try and get it to look and feel like you want it to.

There is no other skin care treatment that can improve the look and feel of facial skin as quickly as exfoliation. For this reason, women are constantly seeking new and better methods of exfoliating, not only the face, but the body as well.

If you are starting a skin care regimen give the exfoliating wash cloth a try. They’re not expensive, so you don’t have much to lose and everything to gain.