Exfoliating Mature Skin

When exfoliating mature skin one must be more gentle. As skin ages it loses moisture and elasticity, which makes it more sensitive. Exfoliating mature skin isn’t more difficult; however, it does require some getting used to. I used to use most anything on my face, but not anymore or it becomes irritated and flaky. I noticed this in my early 50’s and am 60 now, so mature skin is something I deal with every day.

Facial and body exfoliation is the easiest and least expensive ways to keep skin looking and feeling soft and youthful. It does this by removing dead skin cells that make skin feel and look rough and dry.

Once the old skin cells are removed fresh new skin is revealed giving skin a healthy glow. The most amazing thing about this skin transformation is that it happens in a matter of minutes.

This is one reason why skin exfoliation is so popular. Most skin care products do not work immediately, but take months to see actual results. To add to this, many skin care products are costly and many women simply can’t afford them. Not so, when it comes to exfoliating tools and cleansers.

Most anyone can afford to spend $10 on a good exfoliating cleanser. I am not kidding you can find several excellent skin exfoliating products for $10 or less. If you don’t believe me then go to Amazon and check out Simple Exfoliating Wipes made by Simple they’re under $10 and are excellent for sensitive skin.

There are several types of exfoliating tools to choose from and they include: sponges, pads, cloths, mitts, gloves, towels, loofah, brushes and massagers (battery operated or natural). Exfoliating cleansers come in the form of lotions, washes, scrubs, creams and gels.

When shopping for sensitive or mature skin exfoliating products you must read the label to know whether or not it is for sensitive or mature skin. Keep in mind there will be some trial and error, as with many skin care products, especially when it comes to frequency of use.

When you exfoliate too often skin can become irritated, splotchy or develop a rash. If you aren’t exfoliating enough then skin will feel rough and look dull. It is a matter of balance, so you will need to find the perfect balance for your skin and the only way to do this is by trial and error.

Exfoliating mature skin is a must for women who want their skin to look and feel healthy.