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Writers are unique individuals in that they, for the most part, see life and their surroundings in a different view. And with that perception they are able to produce some of the most intriguing novels, plays and even short stories. Characters come to life on a piece of paper. Situations, whether fiction or non-fiction, captivate the audience and keep them coming back for more! But what happens when the writer has ‘witers block?’ What happens when the words that were flowing so smoothly like a cascading waterfall, suddenly stops for no reason? Many writers have experienced that, and continue to experience it. So what do you do when that happens? Try writing poetry. Poetry comes from the Greek word, ‘poesis.’ It means ‘making’ or ‘creating.’ And isn’t that what writers are all about? Making or creating new ideas and thoughts?

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Poetry is used to convey emotions or ideas to the one listening. Just as a writer uses words to capture the imagination of the reader, poetry also has the same effect. Poetry is art. It has been used to tell stories and record cultural events. Many scholars believe that poetry predates literacy. Written on clay tablets, and eventually on papyrus, the oldest surviving poem is the ‘Epic of Gilgamesh.’ Also found on a clay tablet was the oldest known love poem, called ‘Istanbul #2461. This poem was recited by the bride of the Sumerian king, Shu-Sin. He ruled from 2037-2029 BC.

There are many forms and styles of poetry.

  • Haiku: A Japanese style of unrhymed verse containing three unrhymed lines of 5,7,5 syllables. It usually focuses on nature.
  • Ballad Style: A simple story told in the form of a poem. A ballad poem is usually related to folk tales and is easy to sing.
  • Rhyming : Poems that have repetition of the same, or similar sounds at the end of two or more lines

These are just a few examples of different types of poetry. Poetry can be helpful during writers block. It can assist in getting the creative juices flowing, and possibly open up new avenues that you were looking for! Just like an artist can doodle on a piece of paper and create a beautiful drawing, a writer can create poetry to enhance a fabulous story.

Fun And Writing

Join the group

Join the fun

Fun is writing

Fun is sharing

Sharing thoughts

Sharing ideas

Ideas on topics

Ideas on poetry

Poetry expresses

Poetry conveys

Conveys a story

Conveys emotions

Emotions make you cry

Emotions make you laugh

Laugh out loud

Laugh with another

Another day is here

Another verse to write

Write with pencil

Write with pen

Pen and paper

Pen and ink

Ink spots on carpet

Ink well

Well deserved

Well done

Done at last

Done for the night

Night time

Night at the oasis

Oasis in the desert

Oasis musical group

Group of people

Group of words

Words with meaning

Words and sentences

Sentences have structure

Sentences are complete

Complete your work

Complete the challenge

Challenge yourself

Challenge the answer

Answer the question

Answer an email

Email a friend

Email poets

Poets have imagination

Poets have talent



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