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Expatriat Work Force and how Dubai Developed

Dubai is part of the United Arab Emeritus.Till 1971 it was a British colony and after the British left the Maktoum family who ruled Dubai since the last 170 years became absolute masters of their destiny.
The discovery of oil fueled the initial economic upsurge. But with dwindling oil reserves the rulers of Dubai decided to diversify. They branched out into making Dubai a grand city to rival the best city in the world. They thus set up a planned development that ushered in hotels and resorts in bid to attract tourists and businessmen. With zero tax structure Dubai also became a haven for off shore businesses who located here because of the excellent infrastructure created.
However to get this massive superstructure into place the need for an expat labor force was felt and thus Dubai opened its door to workers from other countries. The expat population in Dubai soon zoomed and at the present time constitutes 85% of the population of Dubai. But this expat population that gave shoulder to the development of Dubai came to reside in the city with some restrictions. Unlike other nations where the work force after certain number of years get citizenship of that country, in Dubai no such thing happenend.The labor force remained what it was, with no rights whatsoever. They were mostly treated as second class citizens with very little rights. The mantra was work and work and nothing else. Families were not allowed and the workers coming to Dubai had their passports taken away and thus they had nowhere to go. It was like bonded labor and the stringent work conditions led to innumerable suicides and deaths. Housed in a place name Sona pur (land of Gold). The workers lived 6-8 in a room and managed to exist- while Dubai and visitors prospered.
Most of these immigrant workers came on work permits. These were issued by the Dubai government but the rules were so framed that they favored the employers. Human rights were nonexistent.
Earlier even expats occupying high end jobs in the spectrum were not allowed to buy any property in their name. But now things have changed and expats who can afford can buy property in Dubai. This was not a concession but a step dictated by market forces as the massive construction of flats and luxury villas need to be purchased for money to flow into the state coffers.
Immigration to Dubai in the conventional sense is not allowed. You cannot migrate and settle down in Dubai. What you can aspire is to get a work permit or a residence permit which must be renewed every year. This allows you to stay in Dubai and become an expat resident.
Dubai is a unique city in that it is a city that thrives only on the back of expats.How long this state of affairs will last has to be seen.

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