Experiencing Goa – bonhomie, rejuvenation and thrill in a coastal city

Goa is a vibrant and charming coastal city that is worth visiting time and again. The joviality and laidback lifestyle of Goan culture would floor you completely as you would find the vacation thoroughly enjoyable. Beaches, palms, sea, and the vivacious air around the place would definitely make your trip delightful. Read on.

Goa is one of the most-desired holiday destinations in India. Tourists come here from around the world and hotels in Goa stay full to their capacity during the peak seasons. Although when you step out of the railway station, it looks like any ordinary town of India where people go about their business as usual. But then as you head towards the coasts, the beauty and scenic appeal of the whole landscape begins to unleash its charm upon you. The vast stretches of sparkling water and lush greenery are truly mesmerizing. Green surroundings, sand beaches washed by the Arabian Sea, hills, shacks where people lay down for sunbathing, small cottages and many such attributes make Goa a unique and thoroughly enjoyable tourist place. Hotels in Goa which are closer to the beach offer a nice view of the surroundings and it feels like a grand treat for the eyes. There are many beaches in Goa and Candolim, Anjuna and Baga are the most popular among them. You can choose to stay in some hotel a little away from the beaches or even go for the resorts and cottages that are based right along the beaches. Imagine basking in the open sun on a winter’s day, with nothing but rest on your mind and peace to slowly rejuvenate you.untitled

Goa is a vibrant place. You would find families coming here for a memorable time. You would also find hippies on a solo journey, staying here for several weeks, getting wrapped up in the laidback and relaxed culture of Goan bonhomie and lifestyle. Booze is cheap and sea food tastes great. Goan fish curry is a must try for the non-vegetarians. Goa seems like an escape from the monotony of urban settings. The place seems no less enchanting when compared to the tranquility and grace of hill stations. Goa was a Portuguese colony in older times. You would see the signs of colonial architecture at most of the places. The city is an amalgamation of heritage and culture with some majestic forts, churches, temples, and historic monuments adding more sheen to its overall magnificence. Goa has a tropical climate and you can see swaying palms all over the place. The city never seems to go out of the wishlist of tourists and hence visitors flock to this coastal city throughout the year. The annual Goa Carnival that starts somewhere around the christmas time and goes well beyond the new year celebrations is an amazing festival to watch and participate in. The frenzy and fervor of the town goes several notches up during this time period and even the tariff rates soar. During festive times, it is best to book one of the budget hotels in Goa to keep your budget well under check. You can thus splurge the savings in eating, shopping, or partying. The quickest way to reach Goa is by taking a flight. You can hire scooters and bikes for local travel.

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