Experiencing Lower Back Pain on Your Left Side? – Find Out Some of the Things That Causes Pain There

When you are experiencing back pain, especially lower back pain on your left side, it can be an extremely debilitating experience, especially if left untreated. There can be many things that cause you to have lower back pain on your left side, so it is important to go visit your local medical professionals to determine exactly what the cause of your pain is. This is intended so that you can get some ideas as to what may be causing the lower back pain on your left side only and is intended for informational purposes only. See your doctor if you need to have a proper diagnosis in order to facilitate treatment.

You Pulled a Muscle

Lower back pain on your left side is most often caused by a simple muscle pull. Not only are there muscles in your lower back that can be sensitive to picking up heavy loads, twisting in a way that’s not normal for you, or sitting in a position for a period of time with poor posture, but there are also muscles that wrap around from your abdominals that can make experience this pain. A good way to measure this is to place ice where the pain occurs, add some compression to the area, and rest your back for a day or two. If you feel better, then this may have been what happened. If the lower back pain on your left side is the same or worse, then you may want to explore other options. You may also wish to explore other options if your pain goes away, but then comes back again.

You Have a Kidney Infection

Lower back pain on your left side can be crippling, especially when the pain is intense and severe. That is the only way to describe the pain of a kidney infection. Not only is the area around the kidney tender and sensitive to the touch, you also can experience a terrible burning sensation when you urinate, have trouble with your memory, be experiencing a high fever, and even have blood in your urine. A kidney infection is nothing to mess around with – if you believe you are experiencing this, you should consult a doctor immediately.

Your Sacroiliac Joint is Flaring Up

Though a common cause of lower back pain on your left side during a pregnancy, the sacroiliac joint, which is essentially where the pelvis meets your spine, can become inflamed due to arthritis or other maladies and this can cause anyone pain. Sometimes a simply impact injury is enough to destabilize the joint and cause pain as well. The only way beyond surgery to correct this problem is rest and painkillers, so if this ends up being your diagnosis, enjoy some well deserved time off.

Having lower back pain on your left side is something that you should take extremely seriously – as with any pain, if it lasts more than a week or gets worse instead of better, consult with your local medical professionals immediately.