News Explore the Cape in a Hummer H3

Explore the Cape in a Hummer H3


Tough, gritty and with off-road capabilities never to be seen or experienced again, the Hummer H3 is the ideal companion for deep country exploration. The high end SUV, based on the military machine which saw action aplenty in the Gulf War, is all about muscle, on and off-road dexterity and a smooth opulent ride.

Going, Going, Gone

Two years ago to the month, the final Hummer H3 was rolled off the production line in Port Elizabeth no less; a four-wheeled casualty of the global meltdown which shows no sign of respite. Notwithstanding international efforts to revive the burly brand, the once potent Hummer has joined the growing legends of the extinct.

Exclusive Car Rental Cape Town Offer – A Hummer for Hire

As a last gasp hoorah, a reputable Cape Town car hire company is offering the beast for hire and what better way to negotiate the rumbling roads and testy tracks of the beautiful Cape than with the off-road esteem of a vehicle which made London to Beijing look like a cruise in the park!

Explore the Cape in a Hummer H3

Hummer H3 Safety Features

With a pedigree to match its production line prowess, the Hummer H3 is packed with safety features designed to keep you and your travel companions cocooned in comfort and shielded from bodily harm:

• ISOFIX child seat anchors
• Electronic stability control
• Automatic tyre pressure monitoring
• Anti-lock four-wheel disc brakes
• Side-curtain airbags
• Brake-controlled traction control

Cool Capabilities

Although sublimely secure, the ‘hard nosed’ Hummer is no naff on the road, exhibiting crushing capabilities which include tackling deep waters 24 inches deep, scaling vertical walls several inches high and negotiating gradients which are alarming to behold. With a nifty, elevated ground clearance and big tow capabilities of up to 2700 kg, the Hummer H3 is perfect for all the rugged vistas synonymous with the Cape.

Stocks are Limited – Snap up the Hire Option Now!

So if you intend to negotiate the rough and rugged Tankwa Karoo, are keen to explore the majestic wonder of the Cederberg District or on a quest for adventure in the wide open spaces and haunting solitude of the Richtersveld World Heritage Site, then snap up the Hummer H3 before it’s too late. Stocks are limited and the exclusive hire option is only available at Reeds Car and Bakkie Rental, the Cape Town Airport car hire specialists!

Explore the Cape in a Hummer H3
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