Exterior Wall Coverings For Today's Home Builder

Today’s home builder can select from a wide variety of easy-care materials for the exterior walls of the home. Various materials, shapes, and surface treatments are used to produce over five hundred different wall coverings. An entirely different design effect can be achieved by changing the type of exterior covering on a house. Because it has such a great effect on a home’e overall appearance and ease of maintenance, the exterior wall covering should be selected with great and unique care.

A wide variety of exterior coverings is possible because changing any one of the following factors can produce a new kind of look to your home:

  • Material used. Wood products used include solid wood and such man-made wood materials as plywood, hardboard, and particle board. Masonry, either solid or veneer, may be of brick, stone, or stucco. Asphalt material are also used for siding in two forms: as rolled products and as shingles. Common metals used are aluminum and steel, both of which are usually prefinished. Vinyl plastic is also a popular, easy-care exterior wall material.
  • Shape and form. Some of the common shapes and forms in which exterior wall covering material is manufactured are bevel and drop siding, vertical tongued and grooved material, large panels, boards and battens, shingles and shakes, and rolled material.
  • Surface treatment. Siding can be smooth or rough sawn, plywood’s, and hardboard’s can be textured, overlays of fiber and/or plastics can be added, and materials can be prefinished with paints, enamels, plastics, and other finishes. Most building supply dealers display samples of the wide variety of materials available for you to make a great decision on your new home or home remodeling projects.
  • Specialty building construction workers. With the exception of solid wood and man-made wood materials, most exterior wall coverings are applied either by brick-layers or masons or by specialty building construction workers.

If you are in the market to sell your home or just want to update your existing look of your home, changing the exterior look of your home will give your home value. Your local building materials dealers can provide you with readily accessible displays from which siding selections are made.