Extreme Energy Power Wrist Bands Don’t Heal

XSome people say Extreme Energy Power Wrist Bands don’t heal but millions of people are trying to get relief from chronic pain by wearing a Power Wristband or anklet. Millions of people suffer from varying degrees of chronic pain so they look for relief wherever they can find it. The medical and pharmaceutical industries make billions of dollars from their pain and suffering. They manufacture and market drugs, and external devices that claim to end pain and suffering. Some of these drugs and external medical devices work and some of them don’t.

Alternative Healing

When drugs or medical appliances don’t work, sufferers turn to alternative forms of healing. Extreme Energy Power Wristbands are one of the alternative forms of healing many people have tried to get relief from pain. Even though they’re not grounded in scientific proof, many users claim the bands ended their pain. There are also many non-believers that claim Extreme Energy Power Wristbands don’t heal.

Autosuggestion – Mind Games

So do Extreme Energy or Power Wristbands work? Skeptics claim the bands power isn’t the power to heal but it’s the power of persuasion. This power of persuasion or autosuggestion is introduced at the point-of-sale. Power Wristbands are marketed to passers-by from shopping mall kiosk, on boardwalks and online. The in person approach is the most effective way to sell them due to an interesting sales demonstration people selling the bands do. Sales people greet shoppers and invite them to take a look at displays of wristbands that are sold in various sizes and colors. Then they began to tell the potential customer how the bands could bring relief from their pain and even improve their balance. At this point sales people offer to show proof of the bands power.

Amazing Proof

They engage the shopper in a demonstration that amazes most people. First the sales person has the shopper raise their arms straight out to their sides. Then the sales person uses one finger to push the shoppers arm down. Next the sales person gives the shopper a power wristband to wear as they do the experiment again. Amazingly, the sales people can’t push the shoppers arms down even though they apply much more pressure than before. This is enough to convince some shoppers that the bands have some type of power. But is it power to heal or the power of autosuggestion?

The Merriam Webster Online Medical Dictionary defines autosuggestion as:

An influencing of one’s own attitudes, behavior, or physical condition by mental processes other than conscious thought.

Mysticism vs Physiology

Some manufacturers of the wristbands claim that materials in the wristbands help fill in where the bodies’ network of healing energy has been damaged by injuries to the body. The sales demonstration seems to support this claim but opponents say not so. They say Human Physiology theories and studies prove that the body adapts during the sales demonstration so that it learns to resist during the second part of the demonstration. Human physiology is, in part, the science of the mechanical, and physical function of the human body. If this is true, Extreme Energy Power Wristbands don’t heal and the millions of people that feel that they’re of some benefit may be suffering from autosuggestion. Another interesting aspect of this is the idea that believing or having faith to be healed has power to influence healing. Some refer to this as mind over matter. If this is true, the bands may simply be objects that encourage faith that leads to healing. For the millions of people suffering pain, the bands offer hope for healing that they haven’t been able to find anywhere else. Physiology may explain why power bands seem to have some type of power but science can’t explain why some people believe the bands relieve their pain.

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