Eyelash Enhancements

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Eyelash enhancements can be simple, like mascara, to more complex like growth formulas, dying, and extensions. The quest for longer, thicker and darker lashes is never-ending, and there are always new products flooding the market to fill the need.

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Some of the newest products are growth enhancers. The contain vitamins and other liquids which you apply to your upper lash line via a small brush. Others are simply a mascara type wand with the product which you then apply. Lash growth can be attained in as short as 2 weeks in some cases, but most report it takes 4-6 weeks to see noticeable results. These lash enhancers come in all price ranges and all have varying active ingredients. As with anything you use on your eye or in your eye area, it’s prudent to do your own research.

The old standby, mascara, is tried and true and cost effective. There are formulas to fit any need and they come in wide ranges of colors, brush sizes and shapes and price points. Trial and error is sometimes needed to find mascara that delivers the results you are seeking. If want longer lashes, you would search for a lengthening mascara, if you want fuller lashes, look for a thickening formula and so on. From there, you can also choose from waterproof and non waterproof. Generally, waterproof requires some eye makeup remover to remove it totally. Of course, mascara is only a temporary solution.

If a more permanent solution is desired, there is always eyelash tinting, which will permanently dye your lashes to the color of your choosing, giving the appearance of wearing mascara, but without the hassle of applying and removing it daily. Eyelash tinting lasts several weeks and is easily done by a cosmetologist and takes approx 20-30 minutes. There is little to no risk if done properly by a professional. One should never use hair dye to dye the lashes, it is much too strong and is not made for the eye area, serious consequences could occur with blindness being the most severe.

Lash extensions and false eyelashes are other options for gaining long, dark and thick eyelashes. Extensions are not the same as false eyelashes, as they are individual hairs that are adhered with special glue to your existing eyelashes by trained personnel. False eyelashes are widely available and are a strip of synthetic hair (but not always) which you then glue to your upper lash line. The advantage to false lashes is that you can change up your look on a whim. Some false lashes come decorated with rhinestones, feather and other ornamentation.

As you can see, there are various methods to gaining long, lush lashes. Choose the procedure which best fits your needs, budget and time constraints.

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