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Cosmetics make people ,specially women, look more beautiful and great with a touch of gracefulness.Eyeliner is such a cosmetic product used by women to intensify the beauty of their eyes,The cosmetic helps to give a superfluous yet an all-intended look to the eyes.Eyeliners may be in different forms like liquid or pencil ones.It brings an added elegance to the natural shades of the eyes. Due to many reasons a person has to avoid the use of eyeliner at some occasions.The eyeliner tattoo prevents those obligations to come in the way.This is an arrangement of permanent eyeliner placement that has the same appeal but does not cause the same effects.

Permanent makeup ideas | Eyeliner tattoo

Some women use eyeliners everyday whenever they go out. That is why it is necessary to take all the possible steps to take care of the eye and face as a whole.An eyeliner tattoo gives a freeness to go in the sun and protect the eye area from sun.Shaky hands cannot apply the liner in a stable manner and that is why it is better to use an eyeliner tattoo.People with weaker vision are advised even by doctors to take permanent eyeliners.Those who use liquid eyeliners have chances to let the liquid spread by sweat or tears or by rubbing the eyes.A permanent eyeliner or eyeliner tattoo can never be wiped out to be spread out that leads to smudges.People allergic to some specific beauty products can use eyeliner tattoos for safety.It balances and frames the look of eyes with incredible subtlety.

Eyes are the most expressive part of the body to speak of the soul and the mind.It is eyes that attract and catch the attention of the people around the most.So women want to correct the minor imperfections if there is any by applying the added cosmetic care.The trouble of carrying a make-up kit all the time can be replaced and the additional time can be saved by an eyeliner tattoo inked for a lifetime.The tattoo heightens the richness of the overall facial expression by improving the shape of the eye.These types of tattoos have different degrees of thickness to choose from ranging from dark,medium to light.One more advantage the clients can avail themselves of is that they can choose the desired colors too.

Eye is a very sensitive portion and hence should be treated with extra care.The process of eyeliner tattooing is not as complex as any other tattooing. But the after effects of the procedure of an eyeliner tattoo depend totally on the tattoo artist and his/her previous experiences.Only a professional tattooist from a well-known and licensed clinic can ensure a secured treatment.

Before getting to the inking process one should be careful of certain vital points.If the person wears contact lenses he will not be allowed to do the same for next 2-3 days from the day of tattooing.In case of any major eye surgery the person should be fully cured before getting the eyeliner tattoo. Apart from all these the person should follow a proper guideline given by the appointed tattooist.

The process of tattooing with an expert hand starts with applying a patch that tests whether the skin is allergic to the pigment or not.The eyeliner tattoos are mainly inked to give the eyelash a new look and to make it look thicker or darker.For this purpose one has to choose the desired color to be put in.After that the skin where the tattoo would be placed is numbed with a cream followed by the piercing of the needles.Whether the tattoo would be made on the upper eyelid or on the lower eyelid or on the both is up to the person to be tattooed. With the needles the pigment of tattoo is applied around the eye.

Eyeliner tattoos can be done through a number of techniques like ‘eyelash base technique’ that involves a natural appearance of the eyelashes and does not encourage extremity but only a feeling of presence.It marks a frame and definition in an amazing method. ‘Full eyeliner process’ is used to make the presence of the liner more visible and to bring out the totality of the eyelashes.

Cosmetic tattoo eye liner

After the procedure is over the person is recommended not to use any cosmetics and mascara.For a few days he/she may feel some itching problem which should not be taken care of by any ointment during that period.The eyeliner may seem lighter or darker than expected but this is nothing to worry about and soon would change after sometime.Normally Vitamin E lotion is suggested to avoid the itching and any kind of pain killer is forbidden within 48 hours due to its side effects.

Though there are so many ways to look after one’s beauty and to maintain the perfection there always remains a risk behind making an eyeliner tattoo if done with unprofessional ones.In some cases if one wants to remove the tattoo one cannot do it and has to carry it as there is no cover up tattoo for this sensitive area.

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