Facebook Friend Requests Blocked – Solution

I have seen many people searching for methods to surpass the ‘Facebook Friend Requests Blocked‘ Problem.

Sometimes on Facebook you send too many requests or send messages to people you don’t know and Facebook punishes you not just by saying that ‘Friend Requests are blocked’ but actually blocking you of sending messages to people that are not in your friends list.

But sometimes you don’t even send too many requests and messages but still you get punished for a reason you don’t know.

I have also passed through the same situation and I really hate myself when i get blocked.It’s so embarrassing .I changed 3 of my accounts due to this but again I got the same problem although I just sent requests to people I know personally.
When your facebook blocks your friend requests, you can do two things:Wait for the time period that they ask you or just find ways to surpass this ‘Requests blocked’ thing.
After doing a great deal of search I have formulated two tricks that can help you a little bit.

There is a trick by which you can add anyone on your facebook even if you are blocked,But you have to know His/her email address.
There’s another trick by which you can get totally unblocked but it works when you are blocked for 30 or 60 days.

Trick 1.
Go to Your Profile and Open ‘Friends’
You will find Add Personal contacts as Friend and there will be different email providers listed below.
Here,Select File_Upload
Now make a text file and write all the email addresses you want to add and separate them with comma,SAVE the file with extension .vcf (e-g contacts.vcf)
Upload this file and you are done!!

Trick 2.
This trick is very simple,All you have to do is Just deactivate your account.When they ask about reason,Mark ‘It’s temporary and I’ll be back soon’
Now wait for a few days,about 4-6 days.Join again and send request to someone or message someone outside your friend list.
Thats it!!
Now you are Unblocked!!
You are free to send requests to anyone a you like and enjoy your stay on facebook but still DON’T SEND REQUESTS TO PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW Because It’s the facebook privacy policy