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Social networking is one of the recent concepts that have experienced amazing growth and Facebook, a leading social networking site, offers Facebook power point template facility to improve presentations on the site. The reason for the much popularity of social network sites is that the product is for the people and by the people as well as through the people. This is to mean that the site is really for the people in general.

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Facebook is an online social networking website that was launched in early 2004. It is privately owned and operated by Facebook Inc. Its office headquarters are in Palo Alto, Carlifonia but are being moved to Menlo Park, the same state. The network can be accessed from anywhere in the world and by July 2001, Facebook network had over eight hundred million active members.

Social networking sites such as Facebook breaks into cultures, countries and social classes and brings everyone into one common platform and gives them the freedom to interact and chase each other around the virtual world. This is truly an amazing phenomenon. The growth seen by the networks depends on the social networking sites advantage and disadvantages and basically what the site can do for the individual

Most of the revenue received on Facebook comes through advertising. With such a high membership, it provides a perfect opportunity to announce or advertise a service or products. Many companies are willing to spend much of their funds so that members on the network can get to visit their websites. Microsoft is the network’s sole partner that serves banner advertising. In this way, Facebook only serves adverts and announcements that are created in inventory advertisement of Microsoft.

Facebook PowerPoint Templates

Facebook.com offers templates for PowerPoint presentation to its members so that they can put up PowerPoint presentations and hence ease the burden of having to upload a video or pictures and a talk. This also improves a page on this social website because it will attract online users to that page especially if they are interested in the industry that you are referring to in your presentation.

PowerPoint presentations are supposed to be captivating and attractive in order to capture and maintain the attention of the audience. Templates on offer through Facebook.com are highly attractive and present the business or individuals who want to use them a great platform to showcase their products or services. PowerPoint presentations are mostly used by companies who use social media marketing.

To come up with a good Facebook PowerPoint, one needs to be creative and to know the product or service that they are presenting about. Intimate knowledge of the product or service is of utmost importance so that it can be showcased as it deserves.


To get the attention of many people at a very short time, use a social networking website and Facebook tops them all. To then capture and keep their attention, create a brilliant and attractive presentation. A Facebook PowerPoint template will help you achieve all this and because this website is trusted, people will have no hesitation when opening the presentation.

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