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Update your Facebook status with cool quotes

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Today it is hard to find anybody who has not heard of Fb or Facebook. It is the top ranking social networking site now. Almost everybody has account in this site. This is not just a chatting site or connecting with friends through this site. This site has much more to offer. It has introduced a completely different conception of networking. Everyone can take part directly or indirectly, commenting on their own status or friends status update. This status update is a unique thing, for every young dude or doll giving Facebook status update is like doing daily homework. You can write any thing that comes to your mind, revealing your mood swings and see others comments on it.

But it is really difficult to write a status update daily unless you have a creative mind and writing capability. There are many people who do have a creative mind but find hard to put them in ink and paper. For them also there is a unique solution. You can look for some cool Facebook status quotes collection. You can pick and choose from there according to your thought and post them in. Then start getting rates and likes and encouraging comments. Almost overnight you become the most talked about person. Your friends and acquaintances would start taking you seriously with awe. For a young mind this is really a boost up factor.

I have said earlier that this site is not created just for entertainment. This can be the meeting point of business men, for a reunion of old buddies and so many other purposes.

You can even earn revenue through Facebook quotes. Before proceeding to that we have to get some ideas about Facebook quotes and how it will help you to make rich.

What is a Facebook quote?

Facebook is one such site where it gives value to each individual’s opinion and comments. Whenever a message is posted as a status update or a comment to friends’ wall, it is published on the home page of the users account and the shared people view it the moment they log in to Facebook. Sometimes these updates are being notified through their cell phone also. These messages are collected as Facebook quotes and been used in exchanging each others feelings in general.

Facebook quote helps in business growth –how?

We all update Facebook status with various quotations or writings that reveals our current mood People share that and we get encouraging comments only to inspire us to write more and more brilliant writings. But can anybody ever have given it a thought that it can be an ideal platform for business growth too. If you have lot of acquaintances in Facebook, through these updates only you can enhance your business growth. For that you must give interesting quotes otherwise people would start ignoring them and your purpose would fail in half way.

Some ideas of improving Facebook quotes

You should upload thoughtful sayings that make people think and comment. Mostly people comment in affirmative means ‘likes’. The more likes or comments you get more voting in Facebook ranking would be achieved. Thus if you can create a mass followers with a top rank in Facebook it would then become easy for you to approach the potential buyers with your products.

Post cool quotes for Facebook status updates

You can have no other better platform than Facebook to express yourself. It gives you privilege to open your heart and reveal them all to your near and dear ones. This is the best place to reciprocate ones feeling to his or her special friend. You do not need to express your feelings directly but you can try to convey it through various means like updating cute and loving status updates. Updating cute and sweet statuses have become a trend now, almost every one’s into it! There are many articles over net which will give you plenty of idea on what you can update for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Once you go through them, you can even make up excellent quotes for your loved ones and make them feel special. This is a very sweet way of conveying your love for someone. Every one likes this idea, especially girls. They just love to be dedicated any thing and every thing by their loved ones whether it is a status update, a note or a song.

So just remember to update a sweet status and make them special. There is no feeling better than the feelings of belongingness and caress!

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