Facial liposuction

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Facial liposuction is also known as liposculpture and can provide you with a shapelier jaw, chin and cheeks.

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Liposuction is the removal of fat cells from various parts of the body using what is called a cannula, which is inserted through small incisions in the area to be sculpted. The cannula is attached to a pump which then removes the fat cells via suction.

Candidates for facial liposuction are patients who have accumulated fat cells in certain areas of the face or jaw, generally are in good overall health, and most importantly, they have realistic views of what will be achieved and more importantly, what can be achieved.

Fat removal is known to be permanent. Fat cells do not continue to grow after puberty, however, the fat cells we do already have will expand when excess weight is gained. Liposuction removes fat cells, which is permanent. However, be warned if you gain weight after lipo procedures, those fat cells that remain can, and will, expand.

Facial liposuction is generally safer as there is no need to go under general anesthesia as you would with a facelift.

Recovery is fairly painless. Sometimes a small stitch may be necessary, but most times just an elastic bandage will be worn around the area that was suctioned for a few days. Generally nothing stronger than over- the- counter pain medication is necessary for any discomfort.

If you are considering facial liposuction consult with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area, and all offer free consultations. Be sure to go prepared with questions, concerns and a realistic view of what can be reasonably achieved. Ask to see before and after photos of surgeries they have performed to get an idea of what is attainable and to view the work of the surgeon you are considering.

Facial Liposuction is not covered by insurance and in more densely populated areas, such as big cities, the cost will generally be higher, as the demand is higher. Most doctors will work out a payment schedule with you but the skill of your surgeon should not be compromised to defray costs in any way and it’s always prudent to pursue several free consultations and to choose the doctor that best fits your needs and budget.

As with any surgery, complications can arise and should be discussed with your doctor. Some complications include; infection requiring antibiotics, swelling, numbness, some bruising, and there is risk of bleeding, though this is rare. It is found that smokers tend to heal slower.

In general, facial lipo is safer, cheaper and produces better, longer lasting results than a full-fledged, very expensive and complicated face lift.

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