Facial Steamers for Acne and Blackheads

The use of facial steamers for acne and blackheads isn’t anything new, esthetician’s and cosmetologists have been using them for years to deep cleanse the face. Facial steamers open up clogged pores and clogged pores are one of the main causes of acne, blackheads, pimples and other skin eruptions. These eruptions are impurities or toxins underneath the skin that mix together and harden.The facial steamer’s job is to soften them making it easier to root out and get them to the surface.

Facial steamers also increase circulation bringing more blood to the skin’s surface, which creates a soft healthy glow.

Deep cleansing the face is the primary purpose of a facial steamer and can be used not only to eradicate acne and blackheads, but to prevent them. Of course, you can’t expect a facial steamer to do it all; there are many other factors that come into play when someone has a serious problem with acne or blackheads. Some of these factors include: diet, stress, hormones, bacteria, makeup, medications, sweat and your environment. As you can see, all it might take is a few lifestyle changes in combination with a daily facial skin care regimen to achieve that beautiful complexion you’ve been dreaming about.

A good home facial steamer should be a part of your facial skin care regimen as should facial exfoliation. Both of these are a must when you have problems with acne and other skin blemishes to keep facial skin clean both inside and out. The facial steamer works mostly on the inner layer of skin, whereas, exfoliating is more for the outer layer. Alternating the two is the best way to maintain a balance and not overdo, which can irritate the skin making matters worse.

As far as frequency of use goes, this depends on skin type and need. For example, oily skin types and those who wear heavy makeup may need to steam and exfoliate more often.

When it comes to cost, portable facial steamers for home use don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are a couple on Amazon with high ratings and positive reviews for under $50; in fact, there is one that is under $25. It is the Revlon RVSP 3503B1Hot Facial Sauna with 12 reviews and 4+ star rating.

The other facial steamer that is worthy of mention is the Conair Facial Sauna Systems with Timer for under $45, it has 153 reviews with a 4 star rating. For the money you can’t lose with these two.

If you’re looking for other ideas about how to help with acne; consider that if you are a woman on one of the many kinds of birth control, that birth control can help with acne.