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Facing 0x00000116 Windows Error – Call Tech Support Service

There are times when the computer cannot function at all. You may be doing some work on the computer or just going through it then the computer gives up in all its function. The operating system simply crashes and leaves the user with nothing but an indicator of its inability to continue performing. The 0x00000116 Windows error is one of the many Windows errors that come in such events. It is usually a warning that there is a problem with the computer that prevents any function of the computer. The computer whether a laptop or a PC has to come to a halt.

Error Overview

This error has been referred to as the error of death. The 0x00000116 Windows error usually comes with a blue screen in the background. It has also earned the nickname of the blue screen error. The error is a signal that shows that the screen has stopped functioning. It is worse than the computer having to hang. It simply implies that the operating system has crashed and is unable to support any function from display to self-diagnosis and recovery. This error is same for all hardware. Whichever computer that you are using will show the typical blue screen and the error.
Sources of 0x00000116 Windows Error

The source of this error is compatibility issues between the graphics card, the hardware, or its driver. In the event any of the mentioned factors face incompatibility challenges, the computer loses its ability to display. In happens because these items are crucial to enabling the operating system and the computer hardware to be able to give a graphical display of what is happening. Once the error gets displayed, you will not have a chance to contact computer support for your PC repair or any other technical support that you may have had in your mind. It happens because the computer will dump and restart.

This error will most likely occur when you are using your computer for a highly graphical operation. If you are playing computer games, watching a movie, browsing the internet, or using software that requires a lot of graphical inputs, then your graphics hardware and associated drivers are in high activity. If there is an unresolved compatibility issue, then your blue screen is likely to occur.

Troubleshooting and Resolving the Problem

You can resolve the problem by yourself or get technical support to resolve the problem for you. You will need to restart your computer. When the computer is restarting, you should press F8 and hold it for the advanced boot options. The computer will bring you a list of boot options to select your preferred boot option.

You should select the Safe Mode option and press Enter. When you select the safe mode boot option, the computer will restart in safe mode that is usually characterized by a smaller view screen. Once the computer has booted in safe mode, you will go to the Start button and select it. You will then scroll to ‘My Computer’ option and then right click to select the Properties option from the menu.

When the Properties window opens, you will click the Device Manager section to open the device manager window. You will expand the display adapter, and you will notice that the SVGA 3D adapter gets installed on the computer. You will right click on the option and select the Uninstall option. A confirmation pop-up will appear, and then you will select the OK option. You will have to remove the adapter. You will then close the windows and start the computer in the normal mode.
When the computer starts, you will notice that a call out appears. You will click on it and notice the status of the call out. The driver installation window will open, and the computer will start installing the drivers by itself. Once the installation is complete, you will restart the computer and realize that the error will not appear anymore, and the computer will function normally.

Benefits of Tech Support in Solving the Problem

The causes of incompatibility differ. For this reason, you need computer technical support to resolve the problem instead of resorting to short-term measures. You do not have to wait to experience the problem regularly because your computer may crash and in the process you may lose essential data and spend more on repairs. It is always advisable to get a professional to look into your computer after you have given it a temporary solution.


The process of repairing the computer in the event of such error simply involves reinstalling a driver that has failed to be compatible with the other hardware. The driver is usually within the operating system. When you reinstall it, the computer will regain its normal function and deliver even if you continue playing a particular game or watching a movie.

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