Fact is Stranger than Fiction!

Pictures from: Dailymail(UK), Daily Star(Bangladesh), National Geographic

It is said that fact is stranger than fiction. Sometimes, some facts appear to be stranger than imagination of mankind. Nature is full of wonders and some of the natural wonders are so strange that it is impossible to imagine about. A few days ago, I saw a video in the internet where a scuba diver came in front of a shark and carefully rubbed its snout. Very soon, it seemed like the shark became somewhat paralyzed as it wasn’t moving or attacking that scuba diver although the diver grasped his body and snout gently. More interestingly, he started to turn that shark upright using his hand but still the shark remained motionless. First I thought that it’s nothing but amazing video editing of professionals but I was wrong. After a few days I found an article in the internet where the scientist proved that it’s possible to tame an animal by rubbing its snout. There is a term “Tonic Immobility” which is behind this interesting natural phenomenon. After doing few more searches, I became shocked to find out that the video of taming a shark was hundred percent true. The stimulation created while rubbing the snout of the shark caused temporary paralysis to the shark. A French scientist Mathieu Foulquie told that during the time of rubbing the snout of the shark, the sensory organs of the shark becomes overwhelmed causing the shark become paralyzed. He also said that this paralysis can last up to 15 minutes but generally the divers don’t ‘Play’ with the sharks for more than 2-3 minutes for security.

Natural wonders! This Shark taming thing remembered me about another interesting natural wonder that took part in my home city- Barisal of Bangladesh. There was a sweet water pond beside the Raja Bahadur road of Barisal town, I have seen it so, I know that it’s quite small as well. One day the owner of that pond decided to catch all of the fishes in that pond and dry it up. His workers threw poison in the pond and the next day, his men and other passer-by found a large number of octopuses floating dead! The owner had no idea that there were octopuses in his pond and of course he didn’t have any idea about from where those octopuses came. This incident received the interest of the Bangladeshi Media but sadly this news didn’t reach to the international biologists so I don’t know any scientific explanation to this incident.

Here is the link to the news report of this incident which was published in The Daily Star, The most read Bangladeshi English newspaper:


In a small village of Sri Lanka, one day the villagers witnessed an interesting “Rain”. They witnessed a rain of fishes! It was raining there as usual but fishes were dropping from sky with the rain! This rain of fishes isn’t anything unique though as it happened in several places. Scientists gave proper explanation to this incident. According to their view, The logical explanation for the odd occurrences is that a tornado or strong whirlwind picked up the animals from a shallow body of water and carried them – sometimes for hundreds of miles – before dropping them with raindrops. But considering that there wasn’t any rain of Octopuses or any natural disaster like tornado in Barisal, it’s not possible to explain that ‘Octopus in pond’ case.

Who says only fishes or maybe octopuses can drop in rain?

Little search in wikipedia showed me that there were cases of ‘Rain of Frogs, Jellyfish, Spider, Worms’! Rain of Spider took part in Argentina and Rain of Jellyfish happened in nowhere but England! And the Rain of frogs happened in Japan and twice in Hungary!

I hope one day scientist would explain the case of ‘Octopus in Pond’ like they explained ‘Shark taming’ or the ‘Rain of Animals’ but till then let it remain a mystery!

I have decided that I won’t even consider the strangest thing to be false before researching about it because “Fact is stranger than fiction”.