News Factors Contributing to Laser Liposuction Surgery Costs

Factors Contributing to Laser Liposuction Surgery Costs


People looking to achieve a well contoured body usually kick off their plans with heavy workout sessions and rigorous diets. However, not all men and women can achieve their dream figure with just these measures. The stubborn fat deposits in diverse body areas could make their efforts futile. The solution for difficult-to-remove fat deposits and body contouring lies in liposuction treatment. Performed using safe and efficient minimally invasive FDA approved technology, the procedure has become one of the most heavily requested cosmetic surgical treatments in the world.

Of the techniques used, Smartlipo Triplex laser lipolysis is a popular choice for its quick results and minimal downtime and recovery. One question that prospective patients inevitably ask is ‘how much will laser liposuction treatment cost’? There are several factors that contribute to the actual cost of this plastic surgery procedure, which are as follows:

• Area to be treated: The nature and extent of the area from where fat needs to be removed determines cost. Some areas can be treated easily and without much effort such as the hips, waist, buttocks, and outer thighs and so cost less. Difficult to treat areas such as abdomen and the breasts would cost more.

• Volume of Fat: When only small amount of fat needs to be removed, the procedure gets completed quickly, probably in a single session. But that is not the case when a large amount of fat needs to be removed as it would most likely require multiple sessions as well as extra time and effort, which would add to the cost.

• Type of Anesthesia: The type of anesthesia administered also affects costs. Though local anesthesia is administered in most cases, there can be rare instances when general anesthesia is used which would increase the cost.

• Geographic Location: The geographic location of the surgical practice would impact cost. The costs would be less in case of treatments performed at plastic surgery centers in the suburbs and patients would have to pay more for the same treatment if the facility is located in a major city or metropolitan area.

• Credentials of the Plastic Surgeon: Having the procedure performed by a qualified, trained and skilled plastic surgeon with considerable experience would cost more.

• Plastic Surgery Center: Established AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery facilities using advanced technology charge more than local clinics.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, your safety and the outcome should be prime considerations – not just costs. Choosing to have your treatment in a reliable surgical practice with professional plastic surgeons would ensure that you are in good hands – which is definitely more important than what it would cost.

Factors Contributing to Laser Liposuction Surgery Costs
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