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Factors Behind Your Decision to Get a Brazillian Wax

The idea of getting Brazilian wax done by the modern brides is as important as choosing their wedding dress. They want to add little more excitement to their romantic vacation by giving their partners a sweet surprise. But they always fear of the pain and discomfort caused during the procedure. So considering the potential pain, they tend to look for ways in which they have to bear minimum suffering. Using the right kind of wax for this sensitive area can help ease their tension a bit.

Brazilian blue hard wax is ideal for bikini waxing as it stays pliable even on the edges and does not break or crack. It is gentle yet strong wax which can be applied thin. It dries much faster than other wax and is less painful than a strip wax. It does not get stringy and is suitable for all sensitive skin areas. However, it is best suited for bikini, underarms and face.Aarticle3image

How long Brazilian Blue Hard Wax last?

Lasts long for regulars

Women who get their Brazilian wax done on a regular basis, enjoy baby smooth skin for around 2-3 weeks before even a single stubble appears. However, the overall area remains smooth for 4-6 weeks.  First timers may find stubbles within 8 days of getting their wax done. It is due to the reason that there are some hair under your skin which do not get removed during waxing and after few days, they just pop out. But if you get a clean-up soon after your first session then the next time you visit the saloon will be a bit longer interval.

More you wax, longer you wait

When you get your Brazilian wax done from the specialist, your hair get removed from the follicles. For the regular goers, their follicles tend to take longer time to produce replacement hair. In these women, the growth of the hair is slow and not hard as before. There are some women whose hair don’t grow back after regular sessions and they enjoy more freedom.

Technique used by the Specialist

Brazilian waxing requires the removal of hair roots from the follicles so that the hair don’t grow back quickly. In cases, where the hair just breaks above the follicle when the specialist is removing them, there women often complain of fast hair growth. The reason behind this is that the roots of the hair remain under the skin which grow back faster. So aestheticians have to be very good at their work and should remove hair from the roots.


The kind of food you eat also decides your hair growth. Intake of foods rich in omega-3 like green leafy vegetables, beans and nuts are known to make your hair which in turn decide the interval for your next visit at the saloon for Brazilian wax.

Age factor

The pubic hair growth in younger women is much faster than older. Therefore, they need to get their Brazilian wax done more often.

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