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Facts about Beijing National Stadium – Bird's Nest Olympic Games

Beijing National Stadium (or also called as National Stadium) has other name – Bird’s Nest.

From the name itself, im sure you know in which city the stadium was built – Beijing, in Olympic Green Village, Chaoyang District.

The bird’s nest served as the main venue of the 2008 Olympic Games. It hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games as well as the track and field competitions and the football finals.

Adjacent to the Beijing National Stadium is another impressive new structure, the National Aquatic Centre (also called as Water Cube).

Composed of a complex mesh of steel bands, this Beijing Olympic Stadium incorporates elements of Chinese culture and art.

The construction started on 24 December 2003 and finished in March 2008. The stadium was officially opened in 28 June 2008.

Despite her scientific and commercial progress, the country is still very much steeped in feng shui and symbolism – this is why their opening ceremony was held at 08.08 pm on 08/08/08. The number 8 is considered lucky in Chinese astrology.

The design of the stadium was accomplished by Swiss architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron as well as Li Xinggang (Chinese architect) and the others. Ai Weiwei, the leading artist, was the artistic consultant on this project.

The Beijing National Stadium consists of two independent structures, standing 50 feet apart – the first one is the red concrete seating bowl and the other one is the outer steel frame around the bowl. Number of floors – three, but it is about 20 stories high of an ordinary building.

The nest stretched 220 meters from east to west and 330 meters from north to south. Being about 69.2 meters tall, the stadium holds 91,000 seats, including 11,000 temporary seats. The concrete “egg” is painted red and glows eery red through the steel “nest” when illuminated at night.

The interlocking bands of gray steel girders of the stadium are covered by weather- and sound-proof outer membranes. It also has soundproof, rainproof, wind-proof as well as UVA protection to its body. The outer layer of membrane was created using 884 individual ETFE panels and the inner layer consists of PTFE material.

The lattice for the bird nest is composed of heavy metal pieces that weigh as much as 350 tons. The 24 main columns which support the stadium weigh 1,000 tons each. The shape of the roof was inspired by ‘yin and yang’, the Chinese philosophy of balance and harmony.

The bird’s nest can withstand an 8-magnitude earthquake. The fire resistance capability as well as the water-resistance capability of its underground project is first-rate.

The tallest point of the stadium is 225 feet (68.5) meters above the ground and the lowest point is 140 feet (42.8 meters).

Construction cost around 3.5 billion yuan or $423 million USD. 48% of the money to build the stadium came from the CITIC group, a government-owned investment company.

The stadium workers earned about $200 a month. They worked seven-day and 63-hour work weeks. Many of them slept 12 to a room on plywood mattresses.

It was reported that 10 people died during the construction (although the government denied this) and large amounts of compensation money was paid to the workers’ families to ensure their silence. At the end the government admitted the deaths of two workers only not long after The Sunday Times reported about their deaths.

Since October 2008, after the Olympics ended, this large stadium has been opened as a tourist attraction. Today, it is the center of domestic or international sports competition as well as recreation activities.

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