Facts About Car Accidents

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Every year, about 1.2 million people die in road traffic crashes.

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90% of this occured in middle and low income countries, with Africa and South-East Asia having the highest rates.

Every year, about 50 million people are disabled or injured by road traffic crashes.

There are 6600 serious injuries and 3300 death on the road every day in the world.

Car accidents are considered as the world’s most common and deadly source of personal injury.

Every tenth bed inside a hospital is occupied by an accident victim.

Almost 40% of fatal accidents involve alcohol.

When you are talking on your cellphone, your chances of getting into a car crash increases by 400%.

It takes about 40 milliseconds for an airbag to fully inflate after an accident.

It can take less than 5 minutes for a blocked airway to cause death, and it takes about 8 or 9 minutes for emergency services to arrive even the most urgent cases.

Facts About Car Accidents, Seekyt

Road traffic injuries are also the leading cause of death among young people (between 15 to 29 years old).

About 300,000 teens are injured every year in a car crash. About 5,000 teens die each year in United States alone (and that equals to 14 teens a day).

Half of crash victims are all vulnerable road users such as cyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists.

Up to 85% of preventable pre-hospital deaths could actually be avoided by administering basic first aid to casualty before the emergency services arrive.

Different types of car accidents include head on collisions, rear enders, rollovers, suicides, side impacts and more – but the deadliest one is the vehicle rollovers while the rear-end collision is the most common type.

Cars that are more prone to accidents are hatchbacks and sport cars.

Survey tells us that male drivers caused twice as many accidents as female ones.

Most car accidents happen close to home. Only about 1% of accident occured more than 80 km (50 miles) from home.

Helmets reduced serious and fatal head injuries by up to 45%.

Using car’s seat belt correctly reduced the risk of death in a crash by about 61%.

Facts About Car Accidents, Seekyt

Enforcing a drinking and driving law around the world reduced alcohol-related crashes by about 20%.

Students are by far the worse drivers. Every 1,000 students about 152 accidents and 88 speeding tickets annually. Surprisingly, they are closely followed by doctors (average 109 accidents and 44 speeding tickets) and lawyers (average 106 accidents and 37 speeding tickets).

According to the study by researchers at the University of Auckland New Zealand, driving a brown car had the highest risk of sustaining seriuos injuries caused by auto accidents. Green and black cars also had elevated risks. According to the report, driving a silver car is safer than driving a white car.

Research also told that black cars are up to about 50% more likely to be involved in crashes.

Road traffic crashes cost countries up to about 4% of their Gross National Product.

Facts About Car Accidents, Seekyt

In 1904, the very first speeding ticket was issued. The speeder was ticketed for zooming at a rate of about 12 mph.

Christopher Cox (an American investor and millionaire) banged up his 1962 Ferrari GTO in France during a Ferrari rally, earning that incident the title of “most expensive car crash ever”. His blue and yellow 250 GTO Ferrari, built between 1962 and 1964 and worth about $30 million, was hit by another car from behind while he was turning, forcing the owner into a crash that battered the car’s front end.

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Facts About Car Accidents, Seekyt
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