Facts about Egypt Satellite Phones

Egypt Satellite Phones

Egypt satellite phones may not be as extravagant as today’s Smartphone but there is something to it that makes it worth knowing. Physically, Egyptian’s satellite phone looks like ordinary cell phones. The difference is their features. What are these features? As you read along you would discover the benefits of using satellite phones.

The direct satellite connection

Regular cell phone doesn’t need wires in order to make calls. Instead it utilizes frequencies transmitted through radio towers in order to make voice calls and send text messages. Egypt satellite phones work in a different manner. The use of direct satellite connection makes it more efficient when it comes to phone and internet connections. This is the number one advantage of using satellite phones. How?

First and foremost, cell towers are not invincible. These towers are susceptible to natural disasters. Whenever a typhoon or an earthquake damages it, network connections are unavailable until the cell tower is repaired. With direct satellite connection, it is free from any natural disasters since it is situated in a different atmosphere. You don’t need to worry about communicating with your loved ones during calamities.

Another problem with cell towers is that it doesn’t have vast area connections. You can only connect in a certain area. Direct satellite connection on the other hand allows you to connect globally. You can call or send a text message to your loved ones all over the world anywhere whether you are in land, water or air.

Calls and rates

In terms of local rates, satellite phones are the same as other service providers. The varying point is the international calls and text messages. The use of direct satellite enables an individual make international call at a lower cost. This is because Egypt satellite phones can work in a global setting. Meaning, you can still use your phone services in and out of your country like roaming services. However, you don’t have to let the service provider active that feature. Furthermore, the service charges are more economical compared to other network providers that utilize cell towers. This is one of the features that make satellite phones more preferable.

Where can you get Egypt satellite phones?

There are three major companies that offer direct satellite connection and Egypt satellite phones. These service providers are Al-Thuraya, Inmarsat and Iridium. They have combined satellite connections, GSM and GPS with their satellite phones allowing flawless phone and internet connections for their clients.

The most recommended provider is Al-Thuraya for individuals who are opting for less expensive rates and services. As for individuals who travel a lot, Inmarsat is the most recommended one since it can cover areas in Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. You can check which provider is most suitable for you by browsing tariff charts. However, there are only minor differences in terms of their service and rates.


Satellite phones may not be the popular android powered phones and Smartphone in terms of features and applications. But if you are opting for low cost internet services, voice calls and text messages, satellite phones are very effective. Furthermore, Egypt satellite phones offer reliable connections which makes even more efficient.