Facts About Ming Dynasty Art China

Ming Dynasty Art China

The Ming Dynasty art China is one of Asia’s prides long before the era of technology begun. Although contemporary art is one of today’s trends, the art of the Ming Dynasty has greatly influence today’s artistic point of view. But what exactly are the contributions of Ming Dynasty in regards to art? As you read along, you learn that through this period of ruling, the world discovered the wonderful culture of Asian civilization.

Ming Dynasty’s Paintings

As you know, art is vague term that represents all products of creativity. To explore the Ming Dynasty art China, every creative product they made will be described. First are the paintings that became famous in the year 1368 until today.

If you browse along various museums presenting works of Qiu Ying, Shen Zhou and other painters in that era; you will observe that the Ming Dynasty centralized their concept in nature paintings, from landscapes to bamboo shrubs and orchids. There mode of painting is through black ink for most landscape portraits and vibrant brushworks for other models. In this period, they maintained the traditional Chinese method of painting which is to express vibrant appearances with bold delineates. Although, this method has been established in the Sung Dynasty, painters in the Ming Dynasty have incorporated both current and past influences to produce a work of art. Thus, growing number of aspiring painters was born in this era.

Ming Dynasty’s Sculptures

Sculptures of the Ming Dynasty art China may not be sophisticated compared to today’s sculptures but it is in this dynasty where the birth of Chinese sculptures begun. Precision in the art of carving was established. This is why most sculptures in this era are more realistic and carved efficiently.

Most sculptures in this dynasty revolve around the concept of religion specifically Buddhism. Others carved their interpretations of different fictional and historical characters. Overall, their creativity is inspired by how they interpret the karma, luck and wishes of the inhabitants of China. In doing this, they utilized materials such as clays, bricks and bamboos.

Ming Dynasty Ceramics and Pottery

You may be familiar with the term “chinaware”. It is a mere fact that China is the pioneers of black pots, carved pots and painted pots. These multifunction products are one of the major contributions of the Ming Dynasty to the world. Early products of pottery and ceramics are made of porcelain and designed with traditional Chinese brushworks. In the later period, kaolin was used instead to increase strength and durability. Furthermore, kaolin increases the whiteness of the pots and other types of chinaware. The Ming Dynasty focuses on dragons, phoenix and nature designs for their ceramics and pots. They are also famous for using tri color wares.


As you can see, Ming Dynasty has marked a great era for arts. In addition to the creative products mentioned above, they also exported creative silk products around the world. In regards to their performance arts, this is the era for great imaginations. And with that being said, Asian culture specifically Chinese culture became prominent during these years. Up until today, the Ming Dynasty art China is still the source of inspiration for some contemporary artists because this dynasty is a history worthy to be preserved.