Facts About Sci-Fi Cowboy Art

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Sci-Fi Cowboy Art

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What makes Sci-Fi cowboy art interesting? Why does numerous individual like it? These are only few of the questions that most people are curious to know. It is a mere fact that this type of art is derived from the Western culture. Through their influences a great art is created. With that being said, what is science fiction cowboy art or the Sci-Fi Western genre?

What is science fiction cowboy art?

To fully define Sci-Fi cowboy art, describing each word components is in order. First is science fiction. As you know, Sci-Fi is a term used to describe any product of imagination that focuses on futuristic yet methodical approach. A classic example of this is a story involving time travel.

Second is cowboy. Generally speaking, the ideas behind cowboys’ lives are generated from the Western culture, as mentioned earlier. However, it doesn’t only portray individuals who dress cowboy hats and boots but the whole practice per se. History dictates that the ancient American civilization is focused on these types of traditions and practices. As you can observe, these practices are still part of today’s society combined with modern practices.

In the context of art, defining it would be inconclusive. It is a vague word where in only you can give meaning to it. But as a general rule, art may be described as a product of imagination and creativity. Some creative works may be art for you and not for someone else. At this point, appreciation for art is a matter of perception and taste.

Adding up all descriptions, it may be concluded that Sci-Fi cowboy art is a creative and imaginative work that can be written or drawn. Its main concept incorporates both past experiences and futuristic assumptions.

A brief history

The earliest Sci-Fi cowboy art presented in the World is Phantom Empire created in the year 1935. It is a film that narrates a cowboy’s life who stumbles upon a modern society. His main goal is to maintain peace between his world and the modern world below his ranch. In doing this, he should preserve his identity as radio host.

Ever since this breakthrough, Sci-Fi Western art has branched out into novels, comic books, anime and games. To name a few artistic products that revolve around it, here are some examples of the works created by reputable writers, artists, film makers and game developers.

  • Dark Tower series – Stephen King (novel)
  • Wild Wild West (1999 movie)
  • Wild Guns (games)
  • Cowboy’s and Aliens ( comics)

Sci-Fi Western art of the modern era

Today’s modern Sci-Fi Western art revolves around portrayals of robots and androids like the film Transformers. Others incorporate a cowboy life in a fast forwarded culture such as Cowboys VS Aliens. Even the film Toy Story can be called Sci-Fi Western art. But, what makes these storylines distinct from previous works? Basically, In comparison to the early Western arts, contemporary version is more evolved. Technology has inspired artists to create innovative storylines, paintings and sketches. Furthermore, they already expanded their imagination towards future sceneries. As far as Sci-Fi cowboy art goes, there are limitless possibilities one may take in producing these type of genre because nobody know what the future may bring which makes it even more exciting.

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