Facts about the Ben 10 Franchise

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Ben 10 is an American animated television series which was created by a group called Man of Action and produced by the Cartoon Network Studios. The ben 10 franchise has gained global recognition and received numerous awards including 3 emmy awards. The franchise has also brought profits worth over $2 billion in sales worldwide while selling over 100 million toys. The series has also inspired several movies based on the original series.

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Ben 10 series begins with their grandfather, Max Tennyson takes his two grandchildren on summer vacation. The two children, Gwen and Ben Tennyson, discover the Omnitrix; an extra terrestrial watch like device which can turn him into alien life forms. Ben then decides to use it to fight off villians, avert disasters, save people, and fight aliens. He decides to call himself ben 10 a hero who can change into ten different aliens. In the series ben’s main protagonist is called Vilgax, an alien lord who wants to use the Omnitrix’s power to create an alien army. It is later revealed that Ben got the Omnitrix by mistake for it was originally intended to be for his grandfather but due to the close genetic match it accepts him turning him into Ben 10. The watch is then upgraded to fit almost 1,000,093 aliens. The watch being of immense inteligence is said to have the power to ressurect any species that may have gone extint. All in all ben 10 is a very good sitcom which is good for kids.

Ben 10 features very advanced technologies which are pulled from both the human world and alien world. The series divides in levels of sophistication, complication and danger. All the weapons are rated from level 1-20, any weapon higher than that is considered illegaly. The earth has a rating of level 2 making it inferior from other planets inhabited by aliens. Earth is a level 2 planet, something that is considered very inferior by other aliens, as it was stated once that Earth is at least 500 years away from being level 3.

Ben 10 has largely been considered a child hero with almost every child knowing the series and buying its merchendise. I the series Ben and his friends go through a lot of adventures and also has life lessons. The show also has a few jokes bringing a light moment to a hard situation. The series which is a kids favourite will remain a favourite among kids globally and Ben will remain a hero for years to come.

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Facts about the Ben 10 Franchise, Seekyt
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