Facts And Information On Sonoma And Napa Valley Wine Country

Information on Sonoma and Napa Valley Wine Country

Information on Sonoma and Napa Valley wine country will not only centralized on the infamous wineries in the state of California. You will also discover numerous events and other activities you can experience while traveling in the wine country. In this context, did you know that Sonoma and Napa Valley has different events occurring all year round? Thus, planning a vacation any time of the year in these two extraordinary locales would be advantageous. What exactly are the things you can do in Sonoma and Napa Valley?

Wine Tours

Wine country would be nothing without its wine tours. With that being said, you can choose from a variety of wine tour packages suitable to your budget and desires. One in particular is luxury tours that include limousine rides with your family or friends. You can also bring your own vehicle for convenience and practicality sake.

Furthermore, wine tasting is the most important part of this tour. You can visit wineries of your choice or opt for all of them. You can relax and take advantage of the free tastes, wine samples and take home some wine bottles. Just be reminded that if you’re driving, alcohol consumption should be within limits. And with that, if you think you can only choose one between Napa Valley and Sonoma wineries, no need to stress yourself because you can go in both locales.

Hiking, hot air balloons and spa

Other remarkable information on Sonoma and Napa Valley wine country are the activities you can do. One is ride a hot air balloon at Napa Valley. Exploring the outskirts of Napa Valley is already breathtaking. But, what if you can picture it in a bird’s eye view? That would definitely be a picturesque scene. Afterwards, you can pamper yourself at St. Pierre Massage and Spa or at the Historic Napa Mill where in accommodation services and serene atmosphere are included in the package. Either way, a nice relaxing moment would definitely boost your spirits.

Next is at Sonoma Valley where you can hike vineyards. You may find this activity less enticing. However, for some adventurers, hiking brings forth natural excitement especially in regards to nature tripping. Afterwards, a tranquil dinner with a bottle of wine will complete your day’s itinerary.


Located at San Francisco, California, Sonoma and Napa Valley has truly made themselves a great destination spot for couples, friends and families. With different events such as Sonoma Valley Olive Festival in February and Napa Valley’s Music in the Vineyards in August, you will truly experience the different legacies, culture and tradition of wine making. The best part about a trip to the wine country is that you can visit, experience and explore the different locales, events and activities without the pressure of only choosing one.

Aside from that, wedding ceremonies at wine country are becoming a popular trend. Why so? This is because exchanging vows in a serene environment is more ecstatic and timeless than a cathedral-hotel venue. Furthermore, reception and ceremony can be done in one area bringing serenity, convenience and practicality all in one.

With that being said, this completes the important facts and information on Sonoma and Napa Valley wine country you’ll need in planning your vacations or weddings.