Facts and Statistics of Asthma in Children

Facts and Statistics of Asthma in Children

Asthma, an inflammatory and chronic lung disorder that affects the children living in United States. It mainly occurs when the interior walls of the wind pipes that carry air to lungs gets sore or expand a bit.

Due to small air pipes in children, they are more likely to get affected by the Asthma and it was reported that in the year 2011, over 7.1 million children under the age of 18 have suffered from an Asthma attack.

Few common symptoms that indicate the presence of Asthma disease among children includes shortness of breath, wheeze, and tightness of chest, continuous cough specially during the night hours. Generally Asthma symptoms vary with the individual and may change with the time.

The factors that contribute to the development of Asthma among children are linked with both genetics and sudden environmental changes. Few most common causes of Asthma includes obesity, smaller lungs, smoking during pregnancy, feeding cow milk, respiratory disorder during the birth, air pollution, exposure to dust or other allergens that block the air path.

Few interesting statistics about Asthma:

·  Every year 400,000 to 1million children suffer from Asthma due to high exposure of second hand smoke

·  In 2009, over 157 children under 15 years died from Asthma attack when compared to 617 individuals aged above 85 years

·  In the year 2009, over 29% of all asthma patients in United States were below 5 years

·  The yearly health care cost related to Asthma patients in United States is $56 Billion dollars

·  Australia ranks 3rd in Asthma when compared with other countries across the globe

·  Due to Asthma, every year over 13 million children miss their schooling

·  Every year, 20 children and 500 adults in Canada die after battling with Asthma

As per a survey, it was reported that 60% had Asthma due to second hand smoke, 55% individuals get attacked with Asthma due to sudden climatic changes, and 50% suffer from exposure to dust and other pollutants.

Few popular cities in America where the relevance of Asthma is high includes St. Louis (Missouri), Milwaukee (Wisconsin), Birmingham (Alabama), McAllen (Texas), Atlanta (Georgia) and Little Rock (Arkansas).

Facts and Statistics of Asthma in Children