Facts On Turquoise Beads And Why They Are A Jewelry Maker’s Best Friend

Most of the beads we find today are made from rock materials. If we look at turquoise beads, we really can’t tell that it has come from rock due to its color and texture. But, the fact is that it also comes from rock. Turquoise beads are modified as colored rocks and give clean and shaved edges. If you look at them closely, you will see that they have veins which give them a beautiful appeal. They are blue-green in color and although they may look expensive, you can find really beautiful and affordable ones if you shop carefully.

Turquoise beads are formed during volcano eruptions. When hot magma erupts to the surface of the volcano, it carries with it rock forming minerals such as copper, azurite and malachite along with other materials. Oxidation at a later stage allows copper to transform and combine with feldspar to form turquoise. As the amount of copper increases, the rock becomes bluer.

During the earlier days, turquoise was used in a number of ways. It was first used by the Egyptians and was found almost 3000 years back in China. During the Crusades, high quality turquoise would be imported by Iran, which at that time was Persia. The element was also included in Shakespearean plays.

These days, the price of the stone has gone down and so has the trade. But, it still remains one of the most beautiful and dazzling stones that is used by jewelry makers in their creations. Turquoise beads can be used in the creation of necklaces, rings, bracelets and pendants.

Genuine turquoise beads are expensive, but the ones that are treated are quite affordable. The treated turquoise beads are dyed and therefore it is possible to achieve variations of green as well as non-green colors. Cheap turquoise beads available today are actually howlite which is a silicate mineral which is similar to the real thing. But, it is an excellent substitute because people who cannot afford the real thing can always go for the cheaper version of it.

This is the reason turquoise beads are a jeweler’s best friend. Once they undergo treatment, they look very close to the real thing and it is difficult to tell if one is wearing an expensive piece of jewelry or a cheaper one. Since they are also available in a variety of colors, it gives them a classy and bright appearance. Women can wear turquoise jewelry to enhance their attractiveness. Such jewelry adds a touch of elegance to any woman’s outfit and which makes it an essential item in every woman’s wardrobe.

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