Facts that You Should About Car Oil Change

For us humans, we consider blood as the fuel for our body. In the case of cars, oil is something that it should never be taken for granted because without it, vehicles will be considered useless.

Alternatively known as lubricant, it functions as an effective “slippery coating” to ensure that the moving parts of the auto can proceed with more fluidity. Without proper lubrication, the moving parts of the car will suffer resulting in the inability to reach optimal levels of speed and performance.

And like any other vehicle preventative maintenance, regular oil change should be done for the car to be in good shape for a long period of time. However, its very unusual to see an engine that has been well maintained with regular oil changes because many car owners does not know the truth about this.

Factors that Affect Consumers’ Behaviour About Oil Change

There are many factors that affect this type of behavior. First, consumers wants to save on their automotive maintenance costs. Second is their lack of awareness of the need for regular oil changes and other automotive maintenance and lastly, they aren’t sure that they are getting a quality motor oil and filter because some auto repair shops does not elaborate the kind of the oil that is being installed.

This is where a reliable auto repair shop should intervene. As what an expert car service in Tampa always say, mechanics should purposely educate car drivers about the adverse long effect of oil change in a vehicle’s performance and durability. Here are the facts that you should know

Know when its time for an oil change

The owner’s auto manual is a very important because it states some recommendation on when to change the oil of your vehicle. Aside from the manual, drivers should pay attention to the oil life monitor if a car has it. Lastly, you should also consider oil change based on your driving habits.

Oil and its filter should be replaced simultaneously

Oil filter acts as the engine’s protector against abrasion and premature damages. It removes solid contaminant such as dirt, carbon and metal particles before it can affect the bearing, journal and cylinder wall surface in the engine. Changing the oil filter each time the oil is changes is highly advised.

Ask the type of oil that is stored in your auto

There are different brands of oil for vehicles. In this case, your auto repair shop should have the knowledge of the brand, viscosity grade of the oil before they use before it is stored in your vehicle. Repair shops should be well versed about the type of oil that best fit your car.

Know who to trust

If you don’t know how to maintain the oil in your car, the next step is to look for someone who has the skill to check it in order not to risk the damage to the engine. Aside from oil change, annual preventative measure is also suggested to be done with experts who value high quality work. You can trust service providers that have certification because this is a proof that they know exactly what to do in your car.