Fallout 3 Mission/Quest Walkthrough – Escape!


Location: Vault 101

From: Amata

Rewards: Access to the Capital Wasteland; Positive Karma (if you chose to save Ellen DeLoria, Butch’s mother); Tunnel Snakes outfit (received from Butch if you chose to save his mother); 200 XP.

Quick Walkthrough

Talk to your friend Amata about her plan to escape Vault 101.

Go to the Overseer’s Office.

Access the computer terminal in order to open the secret hatch.

Open the Vault door.

Escape the Vault.

Longer Walkthrough

Optional: Save Ellen DeLoria
Amata is waking you up – listen to her speech about your father having left the Vault and that Jonas has died. The Overseer thinks it’s your fault that your father left so the Vault guards have been ordered to attack. The Vault has also been infested with radroaches. Amata offers you a 10mm pistol which you can accept or refuse.

Outside your room, Officer Kendall is killing some radroaches and will become hostile towards you when they’re all dead.

Go left, and Butch DeLoria comes running down the hallway to tell you that his mother is being attacked by radroaches. You can choose to save her yourself, or convince Butch to by lending him your baseball bat/BB gun or by passing a speech check. If you choose to kill Butch you can still save his mother if you wish. You can also choose to do nothing, or convince Butch that his mother is going to die. If she does die, Butch will become upset. If you refuse to help he will call for help. If you kill him you can never have him as a companion, either. He’ll give you the Tunnel Snakes outfit if you help him out.

Near to the clinic, you encounter Officer Gomez who tells you that he’s on your side, and that you can go free and leave the Vault. You can either stay friendly with him or blame him for Jonas’ death, though he thinks your father did the right thing by leaving.

When you get to the Atrium, you see two other vault-dwellers (Tom and Mary Holden) talking about a rush for freedom, referencing your fathers escape. Tom Holden runs into the guarded exit corridor to his demise, and his wife Mary follows, also being shot dead. However, you can help them escape by engaging the guards in combat BEFORE. They can then escape, though there’s no effect to the game later on. You can’t go through that door though – the lockpick skill is way too high (Very Hard).

You need to go through the security door that’s been jammed open, to the right of the entrance corridor. Go up the stairs; you’ll encounter 2 more radroaches on it and from 3 to 5 in the connecting corridor.

On the upper level of the Atrium, go through the only open door – you’ll pass a room with a window with Allen and Gloria Mack inside. When they see you, Allen will start shouting at you and blaming you and your father for the mess they’re in. Watch out for Security Chief Hannon who wonders around this area and will attack you. Go through the only other door and along the corridor.

Once you’ve turned the corner, you hear Amata and her father, the Overseer, arguing. He’s interrogating her about your location. You can choose to free her either by barging in and letting him attack you (she will flee) or if you let her keep the 10mm pistol earlier, then she will free herself by shooting the Overseer.

If you go in and speak to the Overseer, you can either ask him for the Overseer’s Office key and computer terminal password in which case he will refuse; you can also threaten him for the keys, which makes him call for help; but if you threaten Amata he will give in. You can say that you will escape without them. You can pickpocket him for the keys, or find one in the lockers near the door/computer terminal. A key can also be located in a dresser in the Overseer’s room, which is where you will find Amata after she shoots Mack. You can also kill the Overseer (Wally Mack), but it just results in his father (Allen Mack) taking over as Overseer, which affects future mission Trouble On The Homefront. Amata will also become upset (with you).

If you give the Overseer your weapons and ammunitions, he’ll become hostile and attack you. If you try and talk to him when he’s not hostile (after you threatened Amata, for instance) he will say he has nothing more to talk about with you. Alternatively, you can choose to just sneak past, thus ignoring a confrontation.

If you attack and kill Officer Mack, Amata will run to her room and thank you profusely.

Exit Vault 101 and enter the Capital Wasteland
Optional: Change character’s attributes
In the next room you find Jonas’ corpse – search his body to find the Note from Dad. Go to the connecting room and you will meet Amata (if she was rescued). If you didn’t accept her gun at the beginning of the quest she will offer it to you again. If you didn’t pick up a key to the office you will have to pick the lock on the red door to the Overseer’s office. In here, the lockers have the terminal password but if you don’t pick it up, you just have to hack the computer terminal.

Once logged on, select ‘Open Overseer’s Tunnel’ and go through the secret passage to the door at the end of the tunnel. Enter, and activate the switch on the wall in the next room, which will reveal another room with another switch on the wall which you must activate to open the Vault door. Once done, Amata will come down and say her goodbyes, good or bad, depending on whether you saved her or not.

After this, another door opens revealing more security officers – you must finally run through the exit and reach the last door (to the Capital Wasteland). When this door is activated it gives you another chance to change your character’s attributes. You also level up at least 1 level (sometimes 2 if you have Very Hard difficulty on).