News Family Favorite Recipe: Leftover Turkey Salad

Family Favorite Recipe: Leftover Turkey Salad


Today, many people are celebrating Thanksgiving Day with family and friends. Most will be enjoying some great family favorite recipes. There is just something really special about stopping the push and shove of everyday life to sit down and give thanks for what we have while gathering the ones we love close to us.

Many families have their own special way of making the foods they eat by the way they prepare their recipes. For instance, after Thanksgiving dinner there is generally some leftover turkey meat that needs to be eaten for some, leftover turkey meat might cause some confusion; however, there are different turkey recipes that you can use to make something tasty and delicious.

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You can make a turkey salad with the leftover turkey or you might even deep fry or bake a small turkey especially for making a turkey salad recipe.

Here is a family favorite recipe that you might like to try.

Family Favorite Recipe: Leftover Turkey SaladTuscan Sunflower Salad Plate Set of 4


Leftover Turkey Salad Recipe

Chip up and cut the leftover turkey meat into small bite size pieces or smaller. The smaller the cut for this salad is the way our family likes it. I’m not really sure of the amount in cups, but generally the leftover turkey meat is enough. Roughly guessing, I would say about 3 to 4 cups of turkey meat for this salad. After chipping up turkey meat, cover and set aside in a large mixing bowl to which you will add the other ingredients as you prepare them.

5 or 6 boiled and diced eggs. You can add more or reduce this amount according to your preferences. Place eggs in bowl with the leftover turkey meat.

2 large diced dill pickles. We cut dice just about everything for meat salads. Place diced pickles in bowl.

Add 2 or 3 large dollops of mayonnaise and just a small amount of prepared mustard. Add a dash of celery seed and a dash of dill seed, salt and pepper to taste and then toss until ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

You can eat it as it is with bread to make a turkey salad sandwich; it is good spread on crackers or even eating by itself as a small snack.

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This is our family wishing all of you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving and we hope you enjoy making and eating this quick and easy family favorite recipe for leftover turkey.

Happy Holidays!


Family Favorite Recipe: Leftover Turkey Salad
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