Famous Artists Meet Contemporary Cat Art

Van Gogh's Bedroom (With The Artist's Cats Added) Cat Art Print

Cat artist Deborah Julian brought Famous Artists to Contemporary Cat Art in a unique and colorful way, stirring in the clever playfulness that goes along with feline curiosity. While each image she creates is deliberately beautiful, the other effects can go from warmly amusing to hilarious. Like all very good art, your appreciation for it will grow as the more you look and take in its features.

In her Van Gogh’s Bedroom, she plays with the whimsy of cats who’ve managed to consume every decent space for sleeping by curling up in it,leaving poor Vincent with nowhere to rest. This, Julian explains, is why the painter was so painfully depressed. Sheer sleep deprivation caused by his unwilling to disturb his cats.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is George Meets Matisse, the humor is more gentle. George, a cat with markings so unique they might have been painted, has joined a still life that’s alive with intense Matisse blues.

What I appreciate most about Ms. Julian’s contemporary cat art as well as her other creations is the passionate use of saturated colors. Her artworks seem to vibrate without losing any of their artfulness or, with her urban landscapes, their angular narratives. A student of art history as well as photography, her familiarity with famous artists as well as what makes great art shines through.

Deborah Julian’s technique involves creating compositions that make use of well-known, even revered works of art, her inventory of exceptional cats in natural poses and a deft hand at adding artistic effects at the computer. George Meets Matisse Cat Art PrintShe aims for a painterly effect in Famous Artists Cats and, in fact, her more recent works are frequently mistaken as ones made from a brush and palette.

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Her main professional website is: Deborah Julian Photography