Famous Landscape Paintings – New Style of Painting the Canvas

Landscape paintings depict scenic views form natural itself. These are depicted in a huge variety of mediums which spans across watercolor, oil, mixed media and acrylic. While some of them portray genuine sceneries, this art genre can also talk about spellbinding landscapes inspired by modern contemporary artwork which are imaginary. Art lovers can cherish their love for this form of art by owning a mesmerizing piece of landscape artwork.

Landscape art is all about the expression of Mother Nature’s beauty in its full glory. Some of the most eminent impressionists who specialize in this art genre have been greatly inspired by other art forms such as self-portraiture, spiritual, allegorical and symbolic subjects. Artworks that have been created by these artists generally represent a unique mannerist style which exhibits a spellbinding impact upon the onlooker’s senses.

Famous Landscape Paintings – New Style of Painting the Canvas, Seekyt

Landscape artistry is one of the most celebrated forms of painting in the global art sphere. India belongs to the ‘cream of the crop’ in fine arts genre in the world for it is the acreage of creative onus. The nation has given birth to several eminent artists, some of whom are revered landscape portraitists. Let’s discuss some of these artists and their works.

  • The ‘Seasons’ series by a promising artist named Bahadur Singh consists of oil on canvas masterpieces which are autumn inspired works of art depicting the colors of fall. Maple leaves form a core element in these paintings which signify the manner in which we welcome the autumn season with open arms. After all this season brings relief after a long hot summer, and Bahadur’s landscape paintings depict exactly that. Such a colorful representation of the harvest season is a unique way of portraying the beauty of flora. By observing these artworks one actually feel the crisp air and enjoy the pumpkin spice lattes, and of course, the deep rich colors of autumn dance in front of their eyes.
  • Several imminent Indian artists such as Anirban Seth and Somnath Bothe have developed their individual styles of landscape artistry. These illustrators have dedicated themselves to cloud-scape and city-scape styles wherein their creations focus on the hustle bustle of city life as well as include glimpses of a variegated cloud.

Certainly, the beautiful paint color palette used in landscape artistry has been mastered by several Indian artists. These illustrators have time and again come up with gorgeous & famous landscape paintings which are spellbinding. One can invest in these works of genius to warm up their home with minimal effort. After all, landscape art is a celebration the wonder of scenic natural beauty.

Famous Landscape Paintings – New Style of Painting the Canvas, Seekyt

Art enthusiasts, especially Indian art connoisseurs can visit online art galleries to have a look at a plethora of landscape art paintings. These are mostly contemporary artworks which have deep roots and derive inspirations from fascinating and inspiring illusion styles such as Van Gogh, Monet, Rousseasu, Klee, Hobbema, Constable etc. Each one of the Indian landscape opuses obligates a unique significance and depicts the artist’s view of nature’s attractiveness. It is hard to believe that such live prettiness can actually be captured carefully on canvas with a tool as simple as a brush followed by a few deliberate strokes! Visit an art gallery online and indulge into some of the most beautiful landscape canvases today to understand the essence of art in its complete magnificence.