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Famous Massage Techniques and Their Benefits


In a way, the massage is the oldest form of treatment and relaxation from fatigue. Whenever our cave-dwelling ancestors had a bruise or got a knee busted, they started off the treatment process by gently rubbing the affected limb. Over the years, this act gathered fame across cultures, becoming somewhat of a mark of health in civilized societies. As early as 3000 BC, the Egyptians and the Chinese were using massage as a remedy to disease and fatigue. Even though technology has caused a wind of change across continents, the massage has stood the test of time. Message techniques will vary according to society, which is why there are over 70 of them across the world. Let us have a look at 5 of the most popular as well as their benefits.

1. Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue methods employ the use of hands, knuckles, fingertips or even elbows to delve deep into areas of the body experiencing fatigue or pain. It is very popular among those with an interest in sports because it reaches into the core of painful muscle tissues in a bid to reduce pain and enhance flexibility. The massage technique is also hailed for its ability to restore the even circulation of blood across all body parts, a process that enhances metabolism and heart function.

2. Swedish massage

The Swedish massage is one of the most popular around, and it involves five types of relative strokes. These include tapping, kneading, gliding, shaking and rubbing. The expert basically rubs bones and muscles together, causing pressure which in turn sparks off a series of chain reactions across the body, all leading to relaxation and improvement of the flow of oxygen in the blood. It works towards relieving both emotional and physical stress, boosting the lymphatic system, reducing joint pain and shortening the time taken to recover from injuries.

3. Craniasacral therapy

Chiropractors focus on the spinal column and the skull when carrying out this therapy. The strokes on the head and the lumbar of the spine are gentle and soothing. they serve the ultimate purpose of relieving the brain and the support tissues of the back from pain.

4. Tantric massage

Tantric methods combine traditional body science and the knowledge of spiritual connections. These series of massages use the connection between various body parts to provide a service that relaxes, soothes and regains mental prowess. According to chakra, your spinal column forms the base of your core. Your feet connect the root of the core to the energy of the earth. The connection between you and universe is infinitely strong when your core source of energy connects with that of nature. The principal of chakra states that there are 7 centers of energy across the body, and all need to be activated for physical relief to flow through. The massage is extremely powerful for bonding, hence highly recommended for couples, and those from Hong Kong will tell you it is definitely the most popular in the city.

5. Prenatal massage

Pregnant women are the main beneficiaries of this massage. Using gentle strokes, expert helps the woman to lose pain and fatigue. Prenatal massages are known to make the processes of carrying a baby, delivering and post-partum recovery easy.

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