Fanged MMA and Boxing Mouthguards

Fanged MMA and Boxing Mouthguards

Have you noticed the latest sports trend? Fanged mouthguards have a black background with long sharp white canine teeth printed on the front. The mixed martial artists that wear these into the ring look even more fearsome and wild than before. This can give them a slight edge before the fight, especially since both fighters usually spend the time before the bell staring each other down and psyching each other out.

Fanged mouthguards are available in several different color schemes. The original and most popular are the white backgrounded guards with white teeth, but another popular variation has a black background with red teeth. This suggests bloody fangs and can also be pretty scary for your opponent to see. The other style that’s a little less commonly seen has a white background with black teeth images.

These guards may be stylish, but they’re still designed to be worn as serious pieces of protective equipment. They have a recessed channel that allows for easy breathing even when you are trying to suck wind through your mouth in the fourth round. They are made of high density rubber so that they can absorb a great deal of shock and keep it from going straight to your brain.

Fanged MMA and Boxing Mouthguards

Usually, you can pick up a pair of these mouthguards with fangs for about $22-35 each depending on where you buy.

The original guards that everyone sees on TV in MMA cage fights come from Title, and are available on Amazon, but some other companies have begun manufacturing and selling their own fang guards that go for as much as $80 a set! This is a bit extreme, even for a good mouthguard.

How long will these custom guards stick around in the world of sports? It’s anyone’s guess, but lately we’ve been seeing them gain traction even in contact sports aside from MMA and boxing.

In fact, there are a couple of NFL players that rock these dracula-esque mouthguards on the field.

Wearing a set of these basically tells your opponents to get out of your way, unless they want to get fanged!