News FAQ and Answers about Rattan Furniture

FAQ and Answers about Rattan Furniture


If you are thinking about buying a new garden set for the summer and want to know a little bit more about rattan furniture, there are a few questions that many people routinely ask, one of which is just how durable rattan furniture actually is. Over the years, this very stylish furniture has been one of the most popular choices for both outdoor and indoor use, and today there are some stunning choices when it comes to designs and long lasting all weather finishes.

Superb rattan garden set designs

Do You Need Indoor or Outdoor Furniture?

For decades rattan furniture has been one of the most popular styles used in a home environment whether it’s for garden or indoors use. If you are looking for a new conservatory set, then you may want to look at investing in furniture made out of natural rattan, but if you are looking to replace some outdoor furniture, then choosing a set made out of a synthetic material might be your best option.

The reason being that although natural rattan is a glorious natural and long lasting material, it does have some issues when it comes to standing up to the elements. PVC synthetic rattan furniture, however, does not suffer in the same way and stands up that much better to any severe weather conditions that we often get in the UK. This in turn means the furniture has a much longer lifespan with less maintenance involved too.

Does Direct Sunlight Fade the Colour of Rattan Furniture?

If you buy good quality rattan furniture that boasts an ‘all weather’ finish, then exposure to sunlight will not have an impact on the colour. However, constant direct sunlight is never any good for any sort natural material and this includes rattan. Furniture made out of synthetic rattan on the other hand even if left in direct sunlight, will not be affected and the colour will not fade. With this said, if your heart is set on a garden set made out of natural rattan then it’s always worth checking that it’s all weather finish does mean the furniture is fade resistant too.

Some people like to leave garden furniture out all year round, but this is never a good idea with sets made our any sort of natural material which includes rattan. On the other hand a PVC rattan material is a UV resistant which means it won’t fade when left out in the sun for long periods of time.

FAQ and Answers about Rattan Furniture

Synthetic rattan furniture is longer lasting and fade resistant

How Can I Keep My Rattan Furniture Clean?

Both natural and synthetic rattan furniture whether it’s for use in the home or in the garden is pretty easy maintenance. The most effective way of keeping your furniture clean is to regularly wipe it over using a soft cloth and some warm soapy water being careful not to drench natural rattan because moisture is its worst enemy.

If your rattan furniture gets very dusty, using a dust pan and brush first works a treat but you could also gently vacuum the furniture to get rid of any dust, dirt or debris before wiping in over with a damp cloth. You should always let rattan furniture dry naturally in the sun which it does in no time at all.


Investing in some good quality rattan furniture for the summer will enhance an outdoor space in a really stylish way. Rattan will be available locally or at online stores like, stores online will typically have a wider range than local retailers.

The beauty of this furniture is there is a choice between having garden sets made out of the natural material or to choose furniture made out of a PVC synthetic material that looks very much like natural rattan with the added advantage of it being a lot more durable.

FAQ and Answers about Rattan Furniture
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