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FAQ of Important Things to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions


The beauty industry rakes in an estimated several billion dollars per year in America alone. People are all about beatification, a human trait that can be traced back to the ancient times. A popular consideration for women seeking to enhance their t-zone a bit more is eyelash extensions. But what you don’t know before getting them could set you back. Use these tips and learn about a few important aspects before you head to the beauty salon for your eyelash treatment.

A recent Huffington Post interview with a prominent eyelash expert, Courtney Akai, revealed some very helpful and detailed information regarding what you should be aware of before getting yours. The goal of the interview was to clarify what was true and what was false about these popular eyelash enhancers.

There are three prominent types of extensions that you can seek, according to Huff Po, and they consist of: “synthetic, silk and mink.” The common differences in sizes can range between 6mm all the way up to 17mm. Synthetic are going to generally be the most affordable, silk will be middle of the road, and expect mink to be outlandishly expensive.

FAQ of Important Things to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

How long are you in the chair for? Make sure you are prepared for a standard hair treatment, only for your eyes. This translates into about an estimated two hour average. This is the time that it will take for the technician to properly affix your new extensions, so plan accordingly around this average. You can also consider buying half sets, which cost less money and take about half the time to apply.

Length of lashes: As stated above, they start at 6 mm and can reach as much as 17 mm. This will vary depending upon different people. Some people may have unique eyes that only allow for the extensions to be so long, whereas others may be able to effortlessly seek the maximum length.

How many people are allergic to the glue? This can vary between everyone, as we all have different skin types. Inquire with your technician about the glue that they use, and try to find glues that are hypoallergenic if you have sensitive skin. To avoid any irritations during and after the process, keep your eyes firmly shut during the application and allow ample time for the glue to set and dry afterwards.

FAQ of Important Things to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

Can you lose your vision from extensions? The answer here is that you will not lose your vision just because you got some glue in your eye. In rare cases, an infection or irritation can result that requires doctor oversight. Typically, medicated eye drops are prescribed in such instances that help kill off any bacterial infection or that soothes sore and irritated eyes.

How long will they last you? On average, you can expect to get about eight weeks out of your extensions. Experts say that they are designed to last the growth cycle of your lashes. So this number can vary give or take a week or two between people. Plan on getting yours redone every two months to be safe.

FAQ of Important Things to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions
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