News FAQ’s of 3Diamond’s Mobile Fridges

FAQ’s of 3Diamond’s Mobile Fridges


Are you unsure about the idea of mobile fridge trailers and need more information? In this article we answer the common questions to help give you a better idea of what to expect with our mobile fridge trailers.

Q. What exactly is a fridge trailer?

A. A fridge trailer is an insulated storage box with a built in fridge freezer unit for cooling and freezing purposes, mainly food and drink. They run off a typical 13 amp single phase domestic power supply. A 20m cable will also be supplied.

Q. Where can the unit be of use?

A. It can be used anywhere, whether it be on grass or hard ground as it can be connected to a running portable generator.

Q. How big are the mobile fridges and are they difficult to move and place?

A. We have two different sizes – 6.5 or 10 cubic metres with up to 20 metres of shelving and full height access. In terms of placing you won’t need any more than a typical car parking bay. We can fit them in quite tight spots.

Q. Are they safe and child-proof?

A. All of our trailers are PAT tested and have internal lighting and a handle on the inside if the door closes. There aren’t any moving parts and all of our chillers are set out of reach.

Q. How reliable are they? Are they prone to breakdowns?

A. Each of our units is regularly serviced and breakdowns are rare, but if they do occur we will be on hand to replace it right away or send an engineer to you.

Q. I’ve spent lots of money on the food and drink, are they secure inside the mobile fridge?

A. All our units have a typical locking system allowing easy access to your products. As well as a locking towbar to keep it shut when you don’t need regular access. Our cold rooms stay in place when delivered so they can’t be towed away, only with our special HGV.

Q. How easy are they to use?

A. They’re very simple to use, you can easily control your temperature between 4°C to 18°C, or we can set your preferred temperature for you without any further tampering. We can deliver it, set it up and supply you with everything else you need.

Q. If I’m extremely busy but the site is buzzing with activity, does this become a problem?

A. Never. We’ve been siting units for a while so can set it up for you and work with the site manager and electricians to do so.

Q. Do you offer both long and short term rental agreements?

A. Yes we do, we can provide you with a large or small fridge trailer at weddings, parties, fundraising events, functions and shows.

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FAQ’s of 3Diamond’s Mobile Fridges
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