Far Cry 3, a Xbox one game really worth trying.

Far Cry 3, Xbox one game review

Far Cry 3 a computer game for the Xbox one is a great game in my opinion. I first bought a Far Cry game after seeing it advertised online, it looked really good and I am glad to say I have now enjoyed the games as much as I have the ads. The graphics are done to a high quality, and the game play is brilliant, coming together these two factors make a fantastic Xbox one game.

This game unlike the two before it, is based on a desert island, where two groups of people live, it is not a nice place as the two groups living there are locked in rivalry, violently attacking each other at will. When 5 guys go vacationing near the island, two of them decide to do a spot of paragliding, after dropping off at a river, they become captured and wake up in a cage, where the leader of one of the groups a man called Vaas, has them trapped. They do escape and are running for there lives, Vaas shoots one of the two men running away, and the other is knocked out whilst falling into a stream. At this point the unconscious man is found and saved by a member of the rival group Rakyat, it seems they are the nicer of the two groups.

From this point on it is his quest to find his friends, and whilst he is at it, take down the Vaas with the help of the Rakyat. The psychotic leader of Vaas is a real character in this game, and I can imagine he is the reason this game has done so good. A brutal killer with a licence to kill, giving to him by his boss, who himself is a slave dealer. The extreme story although maybe not for everyone, is something which can really get your imagination going, if you are in to this kind of thing that is. The graphics are fantastic, with things like boats, quad bikes, weapons and cars all looking great, making this unrealistic story line all the more realistic.

The game play is brilliant, this is certainly one of them kind of games that once you start to play, you just can’t stop. There are multiplayer options as well co op options, and with two different ending’s available you get to choose your own finish. The music itself is very jungle like, that is all I can think of to explain it, but what I will say is the music does a great job at creating the atmosphere to go along with the scene. There is a lot of killing and blood in this game, so if blood and guts is not your thing, I would not bother with this. Yet if you do like a little gore, then you have got the right game, as Far Cry 3 is one of the best games aroud I have played. I would highly recommend this game to all, it has great characters, great game play and great graphics, you could not ask for more.

Game is for people age 18 and over.