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Fashion Buzz – The Most Bizarre Pets as Tights


After the dog in tights craze was unleashed, the entire globe went on a ranting rave about animals and their hosiery association. Now, we discover a more bizarre angle to the whole animals linked to tights relationship.

Recently, there was an article published on the most unique pets bred directly from the wild into slightly more tamer forms. Hopefully, they can then be welcomed into our families and houses.

The resemblance of three pets we detected was akin to our favourite pairs of legwear. Therefore, we thought it necessary to put a full-stop end to the ‘dogs in tights’ story and focus on an entirely new series of animals.

Firstly, we are bewitched by the savannah cat, bred through cupidity to snuggling a charming yet ferocious cheetah or leopard, as we relaxed in front of our television sets. As wonderful as the thought is, we all need to keep our beauty and lives intact.

Fashion Buzz – The Most Bizarre Pets as Tights

Therefore, the savannah cat, a leopard printed cat version for the house was bred for a more cultivated option, to the wild and vicious feline that could attack us at any moment.

The leopard print hold ups are great if you intend to present yourself either as the wild and fierce seductress version of the cat or the mellower and domesticated cat woman adaptation. They can be worn with a simple white or black dress for a luxurious flair. They also make a great addition to a fancy dress costume when appropriate.

Fashion Buzz – The Most Bizarre Pets as Tights

Following an upcoming trend for autumn/winter 2013, we move on to the silver fox. In keeping with the shiny tights trend has been flaunted all over the catwalks by designers such as Anna Sui, Kristina Ti and Aldomartins, the silver fox is reminiscent of a wild dog with silver fur.Fashion Buzz – The Most Bizarre Pets as Tights

This trend allows you to flaunt your silver socks to imitate the discreet and glossy allure of the silver fox. The silver fox was a pet bred by Belyaev, in the 1950s Soviet Union, stemming from his interest in domesticating dogs from the wild. Silver fox were classed as being ‘devoted as dogs but independent as cats’.

Fashion Buzz – The Most Bizarre Pets as Tights

What a great characteristic this would be to portray in human form, by wrapping those legs in some silver tights superb for women who wish to accentuate a navy or black straight-lined number. The illuminating shiny tights add a luxuriant sparkle to any subtle style statement.

Last but not least, we have the zonkey! This is quite a befitting term used to describe a combination of zebra and donkey, together in the same body.

Fashion Buzz – The Most Bizarre Pets as Tights

Referred to as a zebroid or a zorse, the stunning creature looks like a donkey that is adorning a set of zebra print tights. And if it ends up getting lucky enough to come across a Shetland pony, it ends up producing a shetbra!

Nevertheless, this is actually its natural form, which we human beings can only fake by throwing on a pair of zebra print tights and perhaps a suede brown dress, if we intend to obtain a look similar to the wonderful creature.

Fashion Buzz – The Most Bizarre Pets as Tights

Fashion Buzz – The Most Bizarre Pets as Tights
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