Fashion Tips For Women: Five (5) Tips In Looking Good While Working Out

Whether you’re running on a treadmill, moving weights, stretching muscles or doing sit-ups, it’s only natural to produce sweat. After all, sweating cleanses your body. This should not be an excuse though to not look your best.

How To Look Good While Working Out
Looking good while working out helps boost self-confidence. You tend to work harder and become more focused on reaching your ideal weight when you see your pretty form in the mirror. Hence, here are some quick tips to maintaining a great appearance before, during and after the activity.

1. As much as possible, do not wear any make-up. Wearing heavy foundations or concealers can contribute to clogged pores. It can block your skin’s ability to breathe. Mascara, even waterproof ones, can run and get into your eyes. If you are not used to being bare-faced, go for a lip balm to add moisture to your lips.

2. Take care of that hair. Keep your face free from errant hair with colorful headband and a high ponytail. You can also sport a fishtail braid, a bun, or a topknot to appear stylish.

3. Reduce shine on your face. Always have wet towels ready anytime. Take a bottle of water, put some of it on the towel and dampen your forehead and cheeks with it. This is guaranteed to remove the oil and refresh your skin. Use a facial wash or apply a moisturizer thereafter.

4. Pick your wardrobe smartly.

• Clothes. Opt for lightweight, breathable materials made of polyester, nylon and spandex so you can move freely without being ultimately conscious about what you’re wearing. Make sure it’s comfortable – not too tight and not too loose either. See to it that it flatters your shape in certain angles. Choose cotton tees only after you’re done. Buy several wholesale tshirts so you’ll have a wide range of selection to wear afterwards. If you like shorts and leggings, find those that stop at the thinnest part of your leg. Be bold with the colors. While black is traditional, try something eye-candy like pink or purple.

• Sports bra. Select well-fitted ones that have built-in support across the back. Do remember that a sporting a wrong size can lead to back, neck and breast pains as well as posture issues so be mindful with this item.

• Footwear. Ensure that your footwear matches your outfit. One cool trick is to buy a set from a wholesale sneakers store and do a mix and match every time you frequent the gym so you will look fashionably fresh before and after with new getup.

• Accessories. Do not accessorize with dangly earrings and necklace. Show your personality by adding flare and fashion through your drink bottles, sports or kit bags and towel.

5. Smell good. Do not forget to reapply deodorant or antiperspirant before you start.