Fashionable Shoe Choices For Bunions

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Bunions are among the group of foot ailments that many women suffer from. Along with corns and calluses these bony bumps on the side of the big toe can cause extreme pain and discomfort. Some women even choose to have the bony growths removed from their feet. Although bunions are very common a lot of women will not even discuss this issue with their closest friends.

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The good news is that if you decide to opt out of surgery for now you can still find cute and fashionable shoes to wear that will not look like you purchased them from an orthopedic store. You will not even have to break your budget so you can buy the shoes.

What Is A Bunion?

As explained earlier a bunion is a bony inflamed joint that is located on one or both big toes. A bunion is usually caused by wearing shoes that are too tight and pointed but these unsightly bumps can also be caused by genes or by other ailments like arthritis. When the toes are not allowed to be naturally spaced out in a shoe they become crammed together. Once the big toe has been constantly pushed against the other toes the joint of the big toe will become inflamed.

Fashionable Shoe Choices When You Have Bunions

More shoe designers are listening to the cries of women who want to stay trendy but can no longer afford to wear uncomfortable high heeled or pointed toe shoes. One company that has made comfortable shoes trendy is Forever 21.

Forever 21 carry a line of wedges that fit the criteria for a shoe that is appropriate to wear for bunions. The wedges are wide shoes and they provide a lot of comfort. These shoes can be worn to work or for night on the town and they are reasonably priced.

You can also wear a strap heeled shoe when you have bunions. Windsor has developed a stylish double strapped heeled shoe that provides the same wide toe space as a wedge shoe. These shoes average around $33 and you can find them online.

Bunion sufferers who want to look fashionable even when taking a leisurely walk or running errands can select a flat sandal from ASOS. Sandals and flat shoes allow the entire foot to have room and space without being crowded into a tight shoe.

There are not only warm weather fashionable shoes for bunions but you can also stay comfortable while being fashionable in the winter also. DSW has flat boots that will support the arch in your feet and give you the wide toe space you need for your bunions.

For the times that you just want to lounge around you can choose a pair of fashionable slippers that have plenty of cushion. The cozy shoes will allow your feet the opportunity to rest. You can find these slippers in most retail clothing stores and Macy’s has a selection of these cozy slippers at an affordable price.

Having bunions do not have to limit the types of shoes that you wear. You can still find affordable and fashionable shoes that will allow your feet to stay pampered both day and night.

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