Fast and Effective Social Media Marketing Tips

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Social Media Marketing is an interesting and rewarding endeavor, but it is one that a lot of people can’t get right. If you want to avoid looking like a spammer and being stuck with a handful of followers for the foreseeable future, then let the pros from Devumi give you some useful pointers on growing your social media presence and using it to boost your business.

Research your chosen platform in depth

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Facebook and Twitter both allow you to share your thoughts, images and clips, but they are two very different animals, while Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube all have their very own set of rules as well. Do your research and get the hang of your chosen platform.

Learn from the pros

Take a look at the profiles of some of the big names in your chosen field, as well as a number of people with a large amount of followers and a plenty of daily content. Follow their lead by using the various tactics and tricks they employ.

Connect with people relevant to your cause/brand and share the love

Fast and Effective Social Media Marketing Tips, Seekyt

If you’ve got something worth sharing and you interact with other people within your field or topics of interest, you will start building up a good following in no time. Like and share the content others put up, leave a few comments and become an active part of the community.

Consider supercharging your account, but be careful

Once you have a solid follower base you might want to get a bit of an edge so that you can get the bigger fish, with tens of thousands of followers to start noticing you. Let’s take twitter as an example. If done correctly buying followers can quickly add numbers to your profile, but too big of a growth too quickly without a rise in stars or retweets can make people suspicious and wary of you, so be careful when using this tactic.

Make sure you’ve got plenty of interesting things to say on a regular basis

It’s all about having useful, educational, emotional, interesting, inspirational, funny or intriguing content throughout the day, seven days a week. You can’t be edgy or insightful in every single post, particularly if you post 10-12 times a day on Twitter, but you can jump between different types of shareable content.

Don’t overdo it with promotional posts – have some variety

While you’ll want to promote your brand, e.g. posting articles from your blog or talking about your new book, you don’t want your profile to be just about that and a few mundane observations. Make sure you have a bit of industry related news, commentary on current events and share some interesting content put up by influencers in your field. This way you’ll have a healthy mix of humor, news, lesser known details about your field and promotional content.
In the end, remember one important idea: on social media, you are not merely trying to get everyone to see how great you are and get them to buy your stuff – you want to become part of the community and establish yourself as an expert and a source of great information and fun content.

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Fast and Effective Social Media Marketing Tips, Seekyt
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