Fast Growing Trees to Include in Your Landscape

If you want to find the best fast growing trees for your yard, the three trees listed here should be on your list to buy and plant. Unlike so many other fast growing trees that you will end up regretting, these trees have high landscape value and avoid many of the problems that you will find in others.

Here are some trees that grow quickly that belong on your shopping list.

Heritage River Birch

The river birch, in general, is a great fast growing tree, but the Heritage is the best of the bunch. Heritage river birch is very fast growing but it is also highly disease resistant where most other birch trees come up short. This tree resists the bronze birch borer which can kill a birch.

The Heritage river birch has beautiful bark which is lighter than most other river birch varieties that tend to be brown. Heritage shows bark in a much lighter color, almost white, with shades of salmon, orange, and cream colors mixed in. The trunk alone is a fantastic addition to your landscape.

River birch trees are adaptable to clay soil and wet spots so they work well where other trees may not. In the fall they turn a very pleasing yellow color and the leaves become quite small, saving you a little raking time.

Red Oak

An oak tree can’t be a fast growing tree you say? Well, think again. In fact, the red oak tree is one of the fastest growing trees around and it is also one of the most beautiful. There are many varieties of red oak so you can shop for the size and shape you like.

Oak trees are classic majestic trees that look great all year long, even in winter. The fall color of the red oak cannot be beat, with vibrant shades of orange, red, and auburn. Oaks are strong and will stand up to a storm.

The biggest concerns about oak trees that make people shy away from them are acorns and oak wilt but both are nothing to fear. As for acorns, keep the tree away from your driveway (and your car) and you’ll be fine. The trees can take up to 20 years to produce acorns and if you’ve located it properly you can just mow over them anyway. As for oak wilt, a grove of oak trees together is much more susceptible than a single tree but you can also take care to never prune your tree during the spring and summer.

Red Maple

One of the best fast growing trees you can find for your yard is the common red maple. It produces a dense shade, grows very quickly, and has a classic tree shape. Like the red oak, there are many varieties with different shapes and sizes, but if you want a nice classic maple tree shape with outstanding color check out October Glory.

The red maple adds color to your landscape times two. The new twigs of the tree emerge in a bright red color and in the fall the tree is among the brightest reds in the landscape. Whatever you do, don’t substitute a silver maple for a red maple. Silver maples are a different animal and should be avoided. Though red maple is not as strong as an oak, it is stronger than a silver maple.

The really neat thing about a red maple is that you can tap it and make a batch of real home-made maple syrup if you are so inclined.

Honorable Mention

Without going into great detail, I would have to give the Honeylocust an honorable mention here. It is another majestic and very fast growing tree that provides a filtered shade allowing you to grow grass or even flowers underneath. The leaves turn bright yellow in fall and pretty much vanish once they drop which means little or no raking. Some people experience suckers away from the trunk with this tree, however, so if you look into it check with your garden center to see what varieties are available to you.

Be sure to know which fast growing trees to avoid. Instead, check out the trees that were listed here to see if one of them will fit in your landscape and provide you with some quick shade.