Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Divorced Dad

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Divorce can be tough on a dad. Even with shared or joint custody, dads don’t spend the same amount of time with their children as they may like. On Father’s Day show a divorced dad that he is special by choosing a unique gift.

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Even though some divorced dads get accused of being a “Disneyland” dad, meaning that time with them is all fun and games, think about what the dad enjoys doing most with his children. A gift certificate so that dad can take the children to see a movie is a nice treat. If you want to purchase a larger gift, how about season passes to a nearby water park or amusement theme park?

Think about the dad’s home. Many times after a divorce, dads will set up in a new home and without a woman’s touch; it may not be kid-friendly. A gift to make it the children’s second home will be appreciated by the dad and the children. This could be anything from a set of dishes to bedding or a pull-out sofa for the children to sleep on.

Another nice gift idea for a divorced dad is something that they can enjoy with their children. A Netflix membership gives a dad and his children access to movies, television shows and documentaries at any time. Add a popcorn maker and you have a special gift that is a treat for dad and his children.

Don’t forget about photo memory gifts. It isn’t just moms that enjoy having pictures around their home. You can take pictures of a father/child vacation and turn them into a photo book or put them on a cd for dad to enjoy. A real easy gift is to put a favorite photo onto a coffee mug.

Thinking about dad’s hobbies can lead you to another good gift. When a dad has joint custody, there are probably weekends where he has alone time. Choose a gift that gives him something to do with his alone time. Maybe dad is a reader or is into sports. Choosing a gift to reflect the dad’s unique hobby is always a good choice. Make it easy by purchasing a gift certificate to a store the divorced dad likes. Even a gift certificate to a family restaurant is a good choice.

Father’s Day is all about celebrating the dad in your life. Make the day special and plan ahead by choosing a unique Father’s Day gift.

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Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Divorced Dad, Seekyt
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