Faux Fireplace Mantel for Sale

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If you are looking for something to spruce up your home like a faux fireplace mantel, you’ve come to the right place. In our modern world, we strive for convenience and efficiency. Unfortunately, this has led to the disappearance of a lot of nostalgic charms. There is something beautiful about sitting by the fire on a cold winter night. The act itself is primal and alludes to our past and history. If you live in an apartment building in the city and want to bring back some of the old charm, purchasing a faux fireplace mantel will do the job.

Where to buy a Faux Fireplace Mantel

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Amazon is the world’s largest online retail store and carries nearly every item imaginable. I bought my first faux fireplace mantel from the site and I couldn’t be happier with the delivery and the product. I bought the Pearl Mantel’s Auburn Arched 60-inch wood fireplace mantel shelf. You want to buy a quality mantel because if you buy a mantel of poor quality, it really brings down the quality of the room and atmosphere. Keep in mind that this mantel will not only serve as a support for the things you place on top of it, but like a painting, it will represent your tastes and aesthetics. When I placed the order, I got the mantel in its entirety within a few days, and after 10 minutes, had it hanging above my faux fireplace. To see the price and read more reviews on Amazon, click here.

I also highly recommend HouseWarmer’s classic 72 -inch mantel shelf. The mantel is made of solid birch hardwoods and comes predrilled so that it is easy to install. The mantel can also be customized in order to accomodate different heights. If you are missing the fireplace and would like to purchase a mantel that comes with a fake fireplace, you should definitely purchase the Dimplex 20-Inch Electric Fireplace. It weighs a total of 90 pounds and measures 20 x 36.8 x 36 inches. One of the great features of the Dimplex is that it actually produces a realistic 3D flame. In addition, you can be rest assured that you won’t be spending a lot on electricity because it only costs 2 cents per hour for the flame to be operating and 7 cents per hour for the flame and heat to be operating. If your apartment doesn’t have a fireplace and you cannot install one, this is your best bet. Your friends and family will be amazed when they come over, and it’ll definitely add to the atmosphere of your living space. To see the price or read more reviews on Amazon, click here.

If you purchase any of the items mentioned above, you’ll have a beautiful faux fireplace mantel to bring your living space to life.

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